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Why volunteering for the first time with SHARE Tours?

Why volunteering for the first time with SHARE Tours?

November 30, 2016
Volunteering for the first time is an experience that leaves a mark...

Volunteering for the first time is an experience that leaves a mark, the first experience is going to motivate you to keep doing voluntary work or to define your goal in life. That is why choosing the right organization is so important, the right program will give you the chance to live an unforgettable experience.

SHARE Tours, in Guatemala is an non-governmental organization that offers different programs, through them a foreigner can make a positive impact on local communities, and it will help you to have a great first experience when volunteering abroad. Why volunteering for the first time with SHARE Tours? Keep on reading to find out.

  • Different programs

Active, gold and trader are the three options SHARE Tours offers to those who want to do voluntary work in Guatemala: one is for students, the second is for tourists and the third goes to entrepreneurs and investors.

There are different options, they focus on different goals and they adapt perfectly to the kind of adventure the volunteer wants to experience.

  • SHARE Tours is experiences

More than volunteering itself, this institution provides experiences that stay forever in your heart, these experiences will motivate you to keep on working for a better world. By living a real experience, sharing with the locals, volunteers learn something different every day.

  • Trips that change lives

Volunteers start a personal trip, but this trip will also change other people’s lives. Through the support they give to a community or to an entrepreneur, they are contributing to the development of the community and the families they help. Volunteers leave a mark on the locals’ heart, and they also take with them something invaluable that leaves a permanent trace.

  • More than help, relationships

Besides helping the community, volunteers create strong relationships that stay in time, true friendship is built. The people you help while working with SHARE Tours will stay with you for ever.

  • Exploring and knowledge

Voluntary work is an essential part of the trip, but you will also be able to explore Guatemala, to get in touch with its culture, its architecture and traditions. This experience will give you a different perspective of the most emblematic places in the country.

You can live your first experience as a volunteer in Guatemala with SHARE Tours. Don’t hesitate… you will never regret making this choice!
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