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Why volunteering abroad? 6 reasons you need to know!

Why volunteering abroad? 6 reasons you need to know!

September 7, 2016
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Being a volunteer is an action of kindness that not everyone is willing to perform, it might be because of the financial situation, time availability, unawareness of the needs or because of being afraid of making the decision of going, walk through the world and achieve an impact. Is this your case? Are you asking yourself why volunteering? Or even better why volunteering abroad? Here you will find some reasons that will inspire you to go and make a positive impact in the world. Go ahead!


You become an important part of history

No matter how small your acts are, if you volunteer you instantly become an important part of the community’s history, because you change their lives. Also, the experience also becomes part of your story, something you will be sharing with your grandchildren!


It improves your self esteem 

Just by donating your time, work and effort you will feel useful and productive. Besides, the people you make an impact on, and the people you work with will highly appreciate what you are doing, which will make you feel great.


You get to see the world from a different point of view

Volunteering abroad allows you to see different places, different landscapes, and somehow you learn to appreciate the culture and people you might get to know while you are in a different country. Sunrises and sunsets will take your breath away, and it will inspire you to go on with the work you are doing.

Daily routine, work or traffic are aspects of your normal life that distract you from all the great things you have, so, when you do volunteer work, you learn to see it all from a different perspective. You will not be the same when you get back home.


Create real impact

Giving food to a homeless person or returning a lost cell phone are good actions that help others and make you feel better with yourself, which is great. But volunteering abroad allows you to make a real impact in someone’s life, because you are contributing to their health, education or economic development.


You become part of the community you work with

It doesn’t matter whether it’s one day or one week, a month or a year, after sharing with a community, working with and for them and getting to know their necessities or problems, you become part of their family.


You add experience to your CV

Since you are volunteering, you don’t get any economic retribution for the work you do or the time you spend doing it, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that won’t be useful for the professional area you are interested in.

What you do while volunteering, whether related or not to your career path, add some extra points to your CV and help you create a better personal brand. When you don’t have any work experience and you start by volunteering abroad, it will add a great value to you professional profile.

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Volunteering definitely goes beyond helping others, in also means helping yourself, mainly by discovering what you are really made of. So… would you like volunteering abroad or do you prefer to sit and watch how your life passes?

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