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Why should communities have sustainable projects?

Why should communities have sustainable projects?

September 7, 2016
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Sustainable development programs aim to improve a community’s economy through resource optimization. In order to conduct a project, it is necessary to evaluate and understand the community’s situation and recommend useful solutions. In general, this type of programs focus on producing changes that remain in time and taking specific actions that produce sustainable development.

Conducting this type of programs is one of the best ways to contribute and help, but why should communities have sustainable projects? Go on reading to find out!

Basing on Peter Nijkamp’s triangle, where we can learn the concept of sustainable development, we find the following reasons to conduct this kind of projects.

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Economic growth

People are given the chance of improving their economic situation, which will also affect positively on the community since more people will take part of the working programs, this will provide more and better opportunities. Projects such as solar energy plants or sewage treatment help people improving their life quality.

Using the available resources in an economic activity will enhance not only economic growth but also personal and professional development.



An equitable community includes social and economic aspects, which will also contribute to the construction of a more equitable world. The idea of improving the life quality of a community, by giving them access to electric energy, potable water, education and a job, is a great motivation to conduct sustainable projects.



Ecology, economy, development, society and production, all of these melt into one concept: sustainability, which aims to create a long term project, a project that is attainable with local resources and helps present and future generations, the main goal is always to satisfy present necessities without compromising the future.

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Sustainable projects are the best way to contribute with a community’s inhabitants, helping them growing in every way possible, making both the present and future prosperous.

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