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Why is Guatemala the best place to do solidarity tourism?

Why is Guatemala the best place to do solidarity tourism?

May 18, 2016
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Travel is a passion, it helps us discover places, people, cultures and food. It also helps us learn about the world that is still unknown to us and have an open mind about what makes each human being different. What if we told you that you can do all that and still help different communities that live under poverty parameters?

And all that could be done by you in a place where nature, people, culture and good food joins all together? Would you be interested? That is why we want to explain to you: why is Guatemala the best place to do solidarity tourism.  

First let’s learn some nice things about this country:

  • Nice weather

Guatemala is known as the eternal spring country; its weather is always nice: between 10 and 25 Celsius degrees. That means that if it’s cold you can wear a jacket and if it’s hot, you can take your jacket off, as simple as that.


  •  Amazing food

Guatemalan gastronomy is so diverse that you have different flavors, textures and dishes to enjoy. Every part of the country has its own version of a typical plate and all of them are very tasty. During your trip to Guatemala you can try all of them and never get bored.


  • Beautiful Landscapes

Volcanoes, green areas, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and a lot of fauna…That is what you will find in Guatemala. If you love nature, this Central American country is for you.


  • Heart of the Mayan World

In this small country, thousands of years ago there was the development and flourishing of the Mayan Civilization. Today you will find the remains of its cities in the north of Guatemala, we can promise you that when you visit them you will be amazed.

Do you already feel like traveling to Guatemala? Well now let’s see why should you do a solidarity trip to this country.

  • One of the most solidarities countries in the world

According to the organization Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Guatemala is the 16th more solidarity countries in the world. That means its population likes to help and also there are a lot of organizations that want to have a better country through different projects.

  • Half of its population is poor

There are 16 394 887 people in Guatemala (according to Country, 2016), 9.4 million of them live under the parameters of poverty. This means that more than half of its population earns 2 or less than 1 dollar a day, and most of them live in the rural areas of the country.


  • The chance to make amazing solidarity projects

Most of the people who live in poverty don’t have access to education, good job opportunities or a good income. How could you help? By educating, improving schools is rural communities, also helping to farm different foods and by contributing economically to projects that will improve the communities of Guatemala.

  • Cultural exchanges

Did you know that Guatemala has 22 indigenous communities and all of them have a different language, food, clothing and traditions? This will allow you to learn about each culture and also teach them of your own culture and country, as an exchange.

  • Entrepreneurship

Guatemala is one of the countries where its people do more entrepreneurship. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2015, the country ranked as the number 13 where new companies and small businesses are created. If you are looking to have a business exchange, this is the right place.

What are you waiting for to travel to this amazing country and help through solidarity tourism?
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