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Why Guatemala is the best country to invest in social development?

Why Guatemala is the best country to invest in social development?

December 28, 2015
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Social development is focused on making a change in the lives of the people that have disadvantages in areas such as education and health. This concept must have new ideas and projects that make a change and provide the necessary elements to reach all the objectives previously established. Some of the purposes of the social development are to create a significant progress and build a more inclusive society. These purposes are aimed to be achieved with the help of different strategies.

The developing countries are mainly targeted by organizations that search to generate an economic progress and make a change on a specific society group. But, Why Guatemala is the best country to invest in social development?

Cities from Central America and especially Guatemala, have unique natural wonders such as the Atitlan Lake, which is considered the most beautiful lake in the world and Tikal, a landmark with amazing Mayan monuments. The residents of this city have peculiar characteristics that highlight on them such as kindness and empathy.

However, in another context, most of the people in Guatemala do not have good life standards and the internal armed conflict left a lot of wounds and painful memories in the people of this country. This situation has affected the country's economy and the peace of all the people.

Due to this, Guatemala is considered one of the poorest countries in Latin America, the unemployment rate is about 3.2% and about 40% of Guatemalans survive with less than a dollar a day (CIA World). Definitely, the country has many problems to solve such as:


Many children die because they have nothing to eat, while in other parts of the country, large amounts of food are wasted. Malnutrition in marginal areas is a problem that people have to face and this is mainly caused by the lack of resources. So, if people had a stable job, they could cover one of the basic human needs, food.

Infant mortality

Statistics show that children die before reaching one year of age due to the mother’s malnutrition plus the bad health and hygiene control while cooking any type of foods. This problem must be solved so that the statistics decrease and the newborn children have a chance of a longer life.

Pregnant women’s health

Regularly, women in rural are healthy delivery are very low since their body does not have the necessary physical qualities to become a mother.

However, this is not the only problem affecting Guatemalan women. The simple fact of being women makes them face adverse situations, not only in pregnancy by the poor qas become pregnant at the age of 13 years old and the probabilities of having quality of public hospitals, but also in other aspects in life such as education and chances to obtain a decent and stable job.


The American magazine named “Quarterly” talks about the education that the children from Guatemala receive and has determined that these children attend school for an average of 4.1 years in their entire life and the technology to improve their learning is virtually nonexistent in the public schools in rural areas.

Although education is an important area in this country, the quality and the level of the education is really low. It is important to work on this area because people that have a high educational level can become an active member and an important part of their society.

Guatemala is the best destination to invest in social development due to the problems, lack of resources to improve the country and especially it is worth working for these people since they have a high potential but need the help of people that can motivate and encourage them to succeed in life. Without a doubt, the country needs an economic growth and better education. Guatemala needs people who want to contribute in the creation of new and better opportunities for them.
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