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What is like to volunteer in a poor country?

What is like to volunteer in a poor country?

August 18, 2016
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Are you planning on traveling soon to a poor country and helping? Are you interested on participating on a volunteering program? We imagine you have many doubts, and that is why we wrote this blog, which has the purpose of helping you resolve those questions and give you all the right answers about what is like to help in a poor country?

First of all let’s start defining what a poor country is, according to the free dictionary online, this is a place characterized as having economies distorted by their dependence on the export of primary products in return for finished products. This type of country also tends to have high rates of illiteracy, population over growth and unstable governments. Economic experts also call a poor country as a Third World territory.

Some countries in which local inhabitants live under poor life conditions are Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Niger, Afghanistan,  Angola, Cuba and Guatemala. If you are planning on traveling and volunteering to one of them, you should take some things into consideration:


1. It won’t be like a normal trip

You won’t be in 5 star hotels and having all the comforts you usually have in your daily life. When you visit a third world country, you have to be prepared for learning from different cultures and their lifestyles. You’ll probably face very harsh conditions or even find backpacking hostels that are very cheap and nice.


2. Be careful

No country is the safest place on Earth, so  just take care of your belongings and money, you don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises. This doesn’t mean you WILL get robbed, it just means you should be careful.


3. Hollywood lies

In how many Hollywood movies have you seen a Third World country portrayed the way they really are? None, right! Please before you visit a poor country, keep an open mind, do your research, read about your destination and don’t believe everything USA travel warnings say.


4. Food

As a personal anecdote we can say that the food prepared in vulnerable communities is in fact the most delicious food you will ever try. Maybe it is because of the love local inhabitants add to all their recipes. Just be careful with one thing: water. It is better if you carry your own pure water with you.


5. Helping makes you happy

Scientists state that helping others, makes you really happy, it actually gives you a feeling of satisfaction. So get ready to have a big smile and even more a big heart during and after this experience.


6. It will be an amazing experience

Maybe at the beginning things won’t be exactly what you expected them to be, and it will be a lot of hard work, but we guarantee you, it will be an amazing experience. You will meet incredible people with the same ideas and dreams as you, you will visit amazing places, taste good food and have a great cultural exchange with local inhabitants.


7. Bonds that create while you are helping, are forever

It won’t only be an amazing experience, you will also create unbreakable bonds with local inhabitants, other volunteers and with those amazing memories. If it makes you happy, you will cherish that special trip forever, because those bonds that begin with hard work, respect and understanding, become permanent.  


Dare to do the things you like and feel passionate about, poor countries are not necessarily like the ones Hollywood portrays in movies. See for yourself and live an amazing adventure trip.

If you want to read some testimonials about people who loves to help in poor countries, you can read it here:




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