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Welcome backpackers! Travel cheap in Guatemala

Welcome backpackers! Travel cheap in Guatemala

June 20, 2016
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Guatemala is considered as one of the cheapest countries to travel to in Latin America, located in the middle of the continent, this small but amazing land to visit is a most in your travel bucket list!

If you love backpacking you have to know that Guatemala, or the eternal spring land, has many good options for you, here you can climb a volcanoes, visit ancient Mayan cities and try delicious plates, all of these for a very accessible price. We want to welcome backpackers! Travel cheap in Guatemala.



It can be described as an independent, overseas and in a low-budget way of traveling. People who backpack, usually do it for a longer period of time than normal tourists and visit different countries during this time, using several transportations like buses, cars, trains or planes. One characteristic is that backpackers travel light, and usually focus on getting to know the place deeply instead of the usual touristic places.


Backpacking in Guatemala

First of all you must know that this country is considered as one of the ideal backpackers destination, maybe not as popular as Mexico, but we can assure you it is beautiful. We are sure you are wondering: How much does it cost to travel to Guatemala? When you make your traveling budget you should consider $30 per day, that is because hostel dorm beds cost between $6 and $12 per night, a full plate can cost between $2-$10 and shuttles cost around $15. Just take into account that the national currency is Quetzal, so exchange some money at the local banks or at the airport when you arrive (the exchange rate is usually between Q6.60-Q8 per 1 US dollar).

As you can see, it is very cheap, but you can also find expensive things, so pay attention to things like riding a chicken bus from Antigua to Panajachel, try to eat the local food at markets or dinners, negotiate pricess of tours and souvenirs, do not ride a taxi every day and stay at backpackers hostels.

Here you can visit any touristic place and the price is very comfortable for your wallet. Although it is not the most secure country in the world, for travelers it is very safe, you just have to be cautios, like when you travel to any other city in the world.


Which places do you have to visit?

First of all, let’s face it: You have to visit the famous touristic destinations. Tikal, Atitlán Lake, Antigua Guatemala, Semuc Champey and The Capital City. But there are so many more amazing places you cannot miss!


  - Tecpán: Here you will find an ancient indigenous city really well preserved.

- Río Dulce: It is a river that connects to a salty and sweet lake in the Caribbean sea full or local flora and fauna.
- Monterrico Beach: In the pacific coast of Guatemala you will find this volcanic sand beach, where there are turtles and reptiles reserves and a great surfing coast.

- Quetzaltenango: The second biggest city of Guatemala, located at the West of the country, it is a must!

- Alta Verapaz: In this province you have many adventure options, you can do river rafting, tubing and explore its caves and waterfalls.

- Chilascó: In this small town it is located the highest waterfall of Central America.

- Pacayá Volcano: This is the most active volcano of Guatemala, near its crater you can see lava rivers and it has great views of the southern region of the country.

- Los Cuchumatanes: Located in the middle of three provinces where you will have an amazing view, it is part of the Western Highlands in Guatemala. When you get here, you will feel inspired.

- Chichicastenango: This city has an architectural mixture between colonial and Mayan construction styles and holds the biggest market in the region; its colours and people are amazing. Thursdays are “Market Day” so visit this place on those week days.

As you can see there are infinite options for you to visit, chose the one that attracts you the most.


Guatemala is a nice destination and trust us, it will surprise you. Here you will get unforgettable experiences for a lifetime!

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