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10 websites about finance you should visit

10 websites about finance you should visit

January 1, 2016
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The world of business and finance is in a constant motion, therefore, every minute new information is generated. This information cannot be ignored by those who are involved in this world.

Some decisions that financiers have to take on their daily work is determined by the information they obtain from websites that talk about finance or economy. To be updated with what’s going on in the world of business and finance, we have for you the 10 websites about finance you should visit and that will always keep you updated with the latest news.

  1. Yahoo Finance

    This is one of the most popular sites if you want to be well informed. Its popularity is due to the data from the stock exchange and the most relevant news that they provide. The site has different sections that allow the visitors to learn about the most important movements that have taken place in the business world.
  1. Forbes

    If you want to learn more about business, leadership, technology and of course finance, this site will provide all the information you’re looking for about these topics. Forbes’ famous lists presented annually, give this site something different from other web pages.

  1. CNN Money

    The variety of tips and simplicity of this site are the elements that distinguish it and encourage users to visit it. The data provided and market news are available so they can be consulted by those interested in the business and finance world.

  1. Google Finance

    It’s a particular way to go deeper and get resources such as graphics or consult the currency convertor. The different segments as the summary of economic activity, the relevant stories and trends are the interesting things that people will find when they visit the site.

  1. The Street

    To obtain the biggest benefits from this website, it is important to have a premium service, but without it, you can access to basic information and news. This brand is the most important value of the site as it is what motivates users to visit it.

  1. Investopedia

    This resource is very important if you want to learn about investing and personal finance. If you are an expert in these areas, you can find finance sections for analysis and simulations.

  1. Bloomberg

    This page is one of the most famous websites in the financial industry due to the diversity of information provided about business topics. It also provides important data so you can make your own market analysis. The information available on this page does not belong to a specific geographical region which makes its international content one of its best qualities. In addition, the variety of content such as videos, stories and updated industry information are the main elements that make the difference and determine the public's preference.

  1. My Money

    This page provides information focused on the United States area and the main objective of the site is to educate the US residents in the area of finances, economy and business.

  1. Daily Finance

    If you are involved in any way in the economy world or you’re interested on this topic, this site will allow you to find the latest news and tips about how to lead and manage businesses. The "Daily Most Reads" section is an important element of the site since visitors can go directly to the most actual and relevant information that was generated during the day.

  1. Money Morning

    The information that can be found by visiting Money Morning is focused on the economic industry, the stock market and some tips about investment. All the data on the site is based on Australia’s economy but there is content and news available from around the world.

Even though Facebook and Twitter have outstanding news, they are not enough to learn and investigate this finance world. So, if you want to be an expert and always be updated with all the news around the world, you should visit these websites every day. Good luck and enjoy the information!
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