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#Trending topic: Volunteering

#Trending topic: Volunteering

July 20, 2016
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Let’s talk about volunteering, a trending topic today in the world. Thousands of people do it to travel abroad, others to help and others just because they really like it and have the time and money to do it. No matter what the motivation is, the important thing is to do it from the heart.

Why do we say it is a trend? Because not only famous people are doing it, also people like you or the one who wrote this blog can do it, the truth is that it makes people happy and in a way makes us feel like we are changing the world.



On June, 2016, The United Nations (UN) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the International Forum for Volunteering in Development, its Executive Director Richard Dictus, said that “we should think of volunteers as the amino acids of the sustainable development goals”, he also added “If we are going to be the generation that basically ends poverty, if we are going to be the generation that leaves no one behind, if we are going to unleash the transformative capacity of people to save the planet, we need volunteers, because you can’t do it without volunteers. It’s really as simple as that”.

Why are we making you read what the UN Executive Director said? Because we consider it is important. Volunteering is actually changing the world, maybe it is because the new generation is trying to fix the mistakes old generations made, or maybe it is because we have a revolutionary soul. If you feel like changing the world and contributing, just do it and don’t let anything stop you!


Trending among celebrities

Although you may not know it there are a lot of celebrities who are always traveling abroad not just to have vacations, but also to do solidarity tourism and volunteer, here are some of them:

- Justin Bieber: The famous Canadian pop star did some volunteer work, back in 2013 in Guatemala, during his tour around the world he visited a poor community with the Pencils of Promise Foundation, and he helped to build a wall at a school and spent some time with the local children.

Olivia Culpo: The Former 2012 Miss Universe, recently visited Guatemala, also with the Pencils of Promise Foundation, this is a NGO that provides education to children who live in vulnerable communities in Latin America.

Angelina Jolie: Probably known as one of the most solidary celebrities, her husband Brad Pitt and her are always traveling mostly with the UN to remote places in Africa and Asia, where there is conflict. She has even been invited to a university in the UK to teach about resolution of conflicts and women’s rights.

Maroon 5: Actually, James Valentine (guitarist) and Jesse Carmichael (keyboard and guitar), visited the Mayan Biosphere, in 2015 and even made a documentary about it. They volunteered in this area to spread the word on nature conservation.   

Leonardo Dicaprio: Also one of the most giving and climate concerned celebrities, he is an active volunteer of Rainforest Alliance, and he recently traveled to Indonesia where he did volunteering work with orangutans.


Volunteering in numbers

Actually 44% of the world population volunteers every year, in some countries more than others, like The United States, where 62.6 million people volunteered in 2015, this includes jobs or working in helping their neighbors, donating money, donating their time and working in NGOs.


As you can see millions if not billions of people volunteer in the world, so what are you waiting for? This is a great chance to help others, travel and do something to change the world.


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