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Top 7 must have travel apps

Top 7 must have travel apps

June 24, 2016
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Arriving at a new place can be tricky, some people might think that they will immediately get to know the locals and those will give them the best recommendations for restaurants, touristic places and all the information they need.  The truth is this can happen, but it’s not a 100% certain that it will.

Today, technology has grown so much that you can use it for everything, especially for traveling. With so many apps, blogs, ranking websites; visiting a country or city is a piece of cake. So how about we help you and tell you the top 7 must have travel apps for you.


Using your phone

The best hardware you can use to travel is a smartphone, with this device you can plan, make a budget, read reviews and even learn basic slangs from your destination. So how about you create a schedule and use your phone during your trip? Off course you will mostly need a WiFi connection, but let’s face it: Today this is possible almost everywhere in the world.


App 1: Tripit

This is a travel organizer including a flight itinerary, calendar sync, and having all your travel plans in one place. It even helps you book restaurants, hotels, flights and lets you find cheap options. You can download it for free or have access to other features by paying a small fee.


App 2:  Kayak

Do you want to find cheap flights in a safe site? Kayak will do that and more, here you can book hotels, flights, track flight status, manage itineraries and get airport info. For example if you are planning on traveling overseas you can get a good price at a good airline company and book your flight easily and fast.


App 3: Booking

Considered one of the best hotel booking apps in the world, it allows you to find hotels everywhere in the world and it organizes the options according to your interests, ratings and prices. It also gives you suggestions and sends you daily or weekly sales and destinations of your interest.


App 4: Airbnb

This is very similar to Booking but it gives you the option of getting a room in a shared apartment or renting apartments for you and your friends. It is a very safe app and it will help you reduce your staying expenses, because you will find very cheap options that are very good.

You can find a place to stay anywhere in the world and it is most used by young travelers who prefer exploring the world than staying the whole trip at the hotel. This is also a great option to meet locals and get great suggestions of places to visit.


App 5: Maps

Not getting lost at a new city is very important, so use maps in your phone. This is a free app that you can use without needing a WiFi connection, you only need a GPS navigation system and you are ready to explore the city without problems. The new updates of Google Maps, include traffic updates, public transportation options, city tours, 360 degrees street views and a voice guide.


App 6: Translator

When most people travel overseas they face one thing: Not everyone speaks English or their native language. So you can use a translator, this will help you learn words, slangs and even get the right pronunciation, with this app you will easily break the cultural barrier and have a more pleasant trip; this will help you reduce expenses and get good prices when you buy anything.


App 7: Trail Wallet

Don’t lose track of your expenses in a very simple way, with this app you can plan how much money you want to spend each day of your trip, how much money you have left. It helps you have financial freedom and also to organize during your trip and it helps you convert your money into the local one with a very accurate rate.


Download these apps in your phone no matter if you use iOS, Windows or Android and have a wonderful traveling experience!

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