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Three shopping places you will find at The Central Market in Guatemala city

Three shopping places you will find at The Central Market in Guatemala city

August 18, 2016
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The Central Market in Guatemala City, the biggest and most diverse one in the country, here you will find everything you are looking for at a very accessible price and in one place. So, do you want to learn which are the three shopping places you will find here? Continue reading this blog…


1. Food

Guatemalan special dishes, candy and different small restaurants is what you will find in the food section at the first floor. The most famous plate to eat here is “Taco de buche” which would translate as tacos of pork’s stomach meat, also try cow tongue, sups and pork rind. The best known place to consume these exotic Guatemalan dishes is “Doña Mela” that is a small family business that has been here for more than 20 years.

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2. Clothes

At the Central Market’s second floor you will find different places to buy clothes, belts, shoes, shirts, pants; tablecloths, decoration pieces, all of them made with natural woods, leather and typical handmade fabrics. You can choose colors, sizes and styles, but they all are beautiful.


3. Wicker

As part of the Guatemalan handcrafts are creations made with wicker: baskets, small decorations ships, crowns for doors and furniture for the inside of a house or the garden. You name it and find it here! The wicker is a type of thin wood that artisans paint with varnish to get a strong brown color.


Eat, wear and use, is what we could tell you, you will obtain from you shopping experience at The Central Market in Guatemala City. Visit it and enjoy Guatemalan handcrafts.


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