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This is Tecpán: a SHARE Tours destination

This is Tecpán: a SHARE Tours destination

September 7, 2016
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Tecpán is one of the most important cities in Chimaltenango, this is due to its economic activity and because it was home to many historical events. Its name comes from the nahuatl root that means palace, and this place is the center of the high-lands cultural baggage. This is one of the places SHARE Tours will take you, here is everything you need to know.

General but important facts

Tecpán belongs to Chimaltenango, and it is located 7,500 feet above the sea level, it has an area of 201 km2 and the weather is mostly lukewarm, except in the forest where it can get a bit colder. Its population is about 59,000 inhabitants, out of which 90% is indigenous Kakchiquel. Because of the ethnic group that lives in this place, both spanish and kakchiquel are spoken.

Places to visit

Due to its history, population and nature, Tecpán has many places you should visit:


Iximché Archeological Site

Here you will find representations of Guatemala’s history and culture. The mayan site whispers the stories of the once capital of the Maya Kakchiquel kingdom. This site is surrounded by nature, which perfectly matches the mayan rituals that still take place here.

Iximché is one of the mayan cities that are not far from Guatemala City, and here you can find temples and plazas that took an important part of the mayan civilization history. How could you miss this?


Chichoy Lake

This place is perfect for ecoturism, relaxing and fishing, here you will see the beautiful lake surrounded by the forest and you will spend a great time with a great view. Chichoy Lake is located in the kilometer 102, inside a farm with the same name; its gastronomy, its weather, the views and the green forest are experiences that you must definitely try!



Visiting Tecpán’s market is an experience that you cannot miss. On thursdays and sundays there are over 2,000 sellers that come from different parts of the country.  Here you cand find fruits, vegetables, typical textiles and delicious food.

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This temple was built by order of the Franciscan friars, its architecture is definitely something worth exploring, it tells the story of the people of Iximché and their way to christianization.

Tecpán as a SHARE Tours destination:

In a trip that goes beyond tourism itself, SHARE Tours has Tecpán as an important destination, this is basically because it is the perfect representation of the guatemalan plateau and the cultural and historical richness it has to offer.

On SHARE Tours programs you will be able to make an impact in different areas, learn new things and discover the natural and archeological wonders Guatemala has for you. What you just read about Tecpán is just an small part of what you can find in this place. You can’t imagine what is waiting for you!


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