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Things to do on Guatemala’s independence day

Things to do on Guatemala’s independence day

September 7, 2016
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On September 15th, 1821 Guatemala became a free, sovereign and independent nation, and every year this date is celebrated with many activities. These celebrations start a few weeks before the exact day: on September 1st, from this day on tho the 15th. guatemalans celebrate not only their independence day, but also their culture, traditions, identity and all the natural wonders the country has to offer.

Some tourists are lucky enough to be there during this time, and they have the chance to experiment this patriotic celebration full of activities and hope for a better future. If you happen to be in Guatemala during the celebrations, there are a few things you cannot miss… go on to learn more!



Across the country, groups of people get together and move from one point to another with a torch on their hand, this represents strength and freedom. On September 14th. you can see these groups running across the cities with respect and love for their country. In this kind of activities you can only watch, but if you wish to join them you might as well do it to get the full experience.



The streets are filled with parades you can stop and watch. These parades are composed by the authorities, students and talented characters that dance to the beat of the marimba, the national instrument.


Typical food

Every region of the country is represented with a typical dish that let you appreciate unique flavors. The park or popular markets are perfect places to go and enjoy a delicious tamal, rellenito, enchiladas or pepián.

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Marching Bands Festival

The streets and plazas in every city of the country are the stage to the marching band festivals. The sound of drums, cymbals and bass drums makes everyone want to dance to celebrate the independence.


Civic acts

This activity is the most solemn one, regularly is composed by the history of the patriotic symbols and acts that commemorate this special date. The national anthem is sang and people celebrate how proud they are of being guatemalan. Civic acts are held in the central plazas at different times, so you can easily be a part of any of them.

In addition to these activities, the night-sky enlightens with fireworks and the sunrise of the 15th. day is the most beautiful thing you can ever witness, a perfect scenery to celebrate freedom. Don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing this amazing feeling, even if you are not guatemalan you can come and enjoy its food, culture and unique festivities.

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