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Things that Guatemala does better than any other country

Things that Guatemala does better than any other country

October 6, 2016

Its Mayan pyramids, Atitlan Lake, cultural diversity and colors that define Guatemala, make it a highlight worldwide. But there are many things that set Guatemala in sight. Which are those? Below there’s a list of things that Guatemala does better than  any other country. Find out!

  • The typical food

There’s no other place on the planet that has such unique gastronomy as Guatemala. Each of the departments is represented by a dish that has unique flavors; these are the result of ingredients of the place, they become an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

The pepián, Kak'ik, jocón, tamales, hilachas, yucca with pork, seafood and banana covered with mole are just some typical dishes that can only be tested in the country of eternal spring.

Important fact: many of the traditional dishes have been considered cultural heritage of the nation.

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  • Visitor’s care

Guatemalan’s Humility, simplicity and kindness is highlight and they give excellent visitor’s care.

Everyone who visits the country finds friends, people who guide their way of adventure and discovery of a new culture. Tourist can even take “chapines” friends with them. There is no other place like it to feel at home!


  • Presentation of their culture, traditions and history

From events, art, monuments to even food are some of the ways in which chapines present their culture, traditions and history to the world.

Easter is celebrated as nowhere else; the carpets in the streets are an attraction for tourists, representing a great job, are an ephemeral art and a unique tradition. Giant kites, burning the bull and the flying pole are other traditions that can only be seen and lived in Guatemala.

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  • Natural heritage

There’s no other country that shows its natural heritage in such a simple but incredibly way. Every morning volcanoes bring a new breath of encouragement to residents and tourists. Walking through the country roads you can see a green world, full of different natural species that can’t live elsewhere, rather than in Guatemala.

The quetzal, Guatemala's national bird, is one of the most beautiful birds that can be spotted in the forests of northeastern Guatemala. Seeing it, represents a feast for the eyes of all of those whom have the opportunity to appreciate it.

  • Ingenuity

From how to handle situations, give a critique of the current situation to the business ideas or publicity are things that Guatemalans do better than any other country.

  • Guatemalan coffee

One of the main products exported by Guatemala is coffee. Some consider it the best in the world. Visit the coffee plantations is one of the experiences that visitors can’t and shouldn’t pass by.

In 2012, the Guatemalan Raul Rodas experimented with a national coffee in a barista’s contest, in which he won the first place for their creations and unique ingredients.

These are just some of the things that Guatemala does better than any other country and if you visit you’ll discover this and more. You'll be surprised because we really are more than good at many things!


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