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There is no better destination! Guatemala is the perfect place for social tourism

There is no better destination! Guatemala is the perfect place for social tourism

October 6, 2016

Guatemala has become a multi-destination because its natural wealth, history, a unique weather and nice people to visitors who are willing to learn more about the culture, but also to help.

Because of the country’s potential, arduous integration work between public and private entities, as well as other efforts by the country context. Today, Guatemala is a perfect destination for social tourism. Why? Keep reading if you want to find out!

Is development necessary?

The situation, especially in the Guatemalan highlands where you can see poverty, but also potential show that it is necessary for volunteers and private organizations to contribute to national development through different ways. From the promotion of entrepreneurship, financial support to volunteering to educate people in specific areas. Everything, is necessary to achieve development!

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Is there potential for tourism in Guatemala?

There is no doubt that Guatemala has qualities that promote it as a perfect destination for any kind of tourism. In this country you can find, history, culture, art, nature, etc.

Archaeological sites, traditions and colonial cities are a little proof that there’s potential to strengthen tourism in the country.

The context, above only says one thing: There is no other destination! Guatemala is perfect for social tourism.

The master plan

The Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (INGUAT), Guatemalan Tourism Institute, along with other organization have made a plan for sustainable social tourism, making partnerships with organizations that seek to create a positive impact with foreigners.

The action plan is to create programs to attract tourists who perform volunteer work as help in planting, contribute in school’s infrastructure or build houses, among others. But that’s not it, the strategy also integrates activities to learn the culture, archaeological sites and landmarks of the country.

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The current situation, people’s potential as well as the many labor camps, places to visit and adventures to live, is what makes Guatemala a perfect country for social tourism.

Do you dare to come to Guatemala, leave your trace and have a new adventure?


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