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The best ecotourism destinations in Guatemala

The best ecotourism destinations in Guatemala

March 8, 2016
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Ecotourism represents a viable option for travelers to help the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of people. At the same time, it helps the travelers to learn more about the sustainable economic development in communities.
Let’s remember that ecotourism consists in visiting natural areas without disturbing them, in order to enjoy, appreciate and study both its cultural manifestations that there may be in the community and its natural attractions such as flora, landscapes and fauna.
Different counties in Latin America have a diversity of places where you can do ecotourism. Guatemala is one of the best countries were you can enjoy the view of amazing landscapes and  at the same time, help developing communities to succeed in life. This time, we will talk about which are some of the best ecotourism destination in Guatemala.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Tikal: is one of the most fantastic masterpieces of the Mayan civilization and its architecture. It is also considered as one of the greatest cities of the Mayan world. Through the years, archaeologists have discovered nearly 3,000 structures in this amazing place. You will have the option of traveling through trails inside a protected jungle, visit the exuberant temples and take a look at the stunning pyramids hidden within the jungle. We assure that it will be an impressive experience!

  1. Lake Atitlan: this lake is considered as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Atitlan is also one of the most visited tourist places in Guatemala. Surrounded by three volcanoes, Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro, it offers an amazing landscape, which makes this place a natural jewel. Travelers frequently choose to visit the villages around the lake. You can have a walk through the streets of this stunning place or have a boat trip at the lake.

  1. Tecpan: is one of the most important cities of the department of   Chimaltenango and Guatemala. It is characterized not only by its great ancestral legacy and it economic activity. People from this town give a warm welcome to all the visitors. The travelers can also visit the ruins of Iximche, located a few minutes from Tecpan, which is considered as a historical and cultural legacy of this Central American nation. You will able to view the ruins and archeological objects that are kept inside a Museum. Iximche is a pleasant tourist destination due to its climate that combines in perfect harmony with the nature of the place and the celebration of Mayan rituals.

  1. Antigua Guatemala: this is an elegant and beautiful colonial city that was founded in 1543 by the Spanish conquistadors and that is located just 40 kilometers away from Guatemala City. It is located in a valley at the foot of 3 majestic volcanoes. Here you will also have the chance to view amazing places such as churches, ruins, convents, cobblestone streets, parks, fountains and buy traditional objects at the local shops. The charm and tranquility of Antigua makes it one of the most beautiful cities of Latin America.

  1. Pacaya Volcano: Even though it is considered as the most active volcano in Guatemala, it is one of the most visited places of this Central American country. Small eruptions take place every day and the visitors can see rivers of lava flowing down the Pacaya. Travelers considered the trip to this place as a “Unique and unforgettable experience”.

As you can see, Guatemala offers a great adventure experience that combines physical activity with the discovery of unique places. You can walk along paths through a jungle, do camping, volcano hiking and the chance of having a cultural exchange with different communities. So remember, make a plan, find the best partners and dive into a new adventure.
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