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The 3 SHARE Tours traveling programs to volunteer

The 3 SHARE Tours traveling programs to volunteer

June 15, 2016
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Are you planning on traveling to Guatemala and helping a vulnerable community? Do you know how? And which travel program is better for you? Don’t worry! Here we tell you everything you need to know about traveling with SHARE Tours and its programs.


SHARE Tours is a division from the organization SHARE Guatemala that promotes solidarity tourism travels for people like you, with the purpose of helping vulnerable communities working with them and developing sustainable projects that benefit them. Through our different travel programs you can have an amazing cultural exchange that includes values, knowledge, cultural practices, cosmogony, life style and nature.


  • Why Guatemala?

Guatemala is a small country in Central America, located right below México and right next to Honduras and El Salvador. Its weather is perfect all year long, that is why it is known as the eternal spring country.

It has 16 640 913 inhabitants (Country Meters, 2016), and 57% of them live in poverty situations, 34% of those people live with 1 dollar per day. Because of the poverty situation in the country, there are a lot of problems like lack of adequate health and education infrastructure.


  • How can you help?

SHARE Tours allows you to help through three traveling programs:


  •  Active program 

Created especially for High School, college and graduated students. The main objective is that students work on the improvement of schools and other related activities that benefit directly children from a certain community.

Through this program, you will interact with the locals and have a rich cultural exchange, some examples or work from this program are the creation of hand washing stations or the improvement of classes in a school, health missions and education professionals (teachers) are welcome!


  • Gold program

 If you like traveling in a safe, comfortable and with unique experiences outside the traditional tourist trips, this program is for you. It was created for adults that want to visit the main touristic places of Guatemala and learn from the culture and traditions of this amazing country. With this program you could visit Tikal, Atitlán Lake, Antigua Guatemala and more; and also help by contributing to the development and progress of vulnerable communities.

Learn how to prepare delicious tortillas and traditional dishes or help communities have a better quality of life. Families, elderly and veterans are always welcome!  


  • Trader program

 As its name indicates, this program is especially made for college students and entrepreneurs who are looking for business alternatives like acquiring new working partners in Guatemala. For example buying beautiful fabrics that many local women create at a fair price; this way you will have more products and you will impact directly the communities economically.


Another characteristic of this program is that you can visit cooperative businesses, community plantations and touristic sites like Chichicastenango’s market or Mayan pyramids. Also SHARE gives interesting talks about different business subjects to participants and will make sure you have great business assessment, that could lead to new or improved ventures.


By participating in any of SHARE Tours traveling programs, you become a spokesperson and promote the organization’s work; with your financial contribution you help different communities we work with and you discover the beauty of Guatemala.


What are you waiting for to come and help local communities and have a great cultural exchange, this is an unforgettable experience!  Contact us and we will help you plan your trip to Guatemala and become a volunteer overseas.

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