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SHARE Tours: the best host to visit Guatemala

SHARE Tours: the best host to visit Guatemala

October 10, 2016

In Guatemala you can live experiences full of culture and history, but it’s also the ideal place to discover a new way to travel.

Social tourism can also provide incredible and memorable experiences. Come to Guatemala and be a tourist that creates impact, SHARE Tours is the best host. Why? Keep reading and find out!

Cultural Exchange with values

In SHARE Tours we promote cultural exchange because the adventure begins with the daily and constant relationship with local people, allowing to learn more about the culture of the country or a certain ethnic group. In addition, it’s an exchange of values that mainly promotes solidarity and responsibility.

Developing sustainable projects

The programs where you can work are performed in vulnerable communities which have resources, but they don’t know how to use them sustainably or no capital to carry out entrepreneurial projects.

Through a work plan, context assessment and integration of resources, needs and personnel, we develop , over time, sustainable projects that help, but also create impacts on communities. You can become the protagonist of one!

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Different programs

SHARE Tours; the host on your journey gives you different options so you can select one and live the experience. They range from projects for high school students, but also for investors seeking to invest in innovative projects to create impact by promoting entrepreneurship.

Each of the programs take place in different axes such as education, community development and entrepreneurship, but each is a way to impact the lives of people.

While you help, you learn

In SHARE Tours you have the opportunity to help, but also to learn, you can discover incredible landscapes in the Guatemalan highlands, live cultural exchanges in different regions of the country or have a different dining experience that taste on the palate.

Atitlan and Antigua Guatemala are places that are in the program of visits. Ancient architecture and landscape in the Atitlan Lake are places that you can discover and will mark you; leaving in your heart the desire to return.


You learn from the Mayan culture

Iximché; an archaeological place in Tecpan, Chimaltenango has a lot to show about the Mayan culture. For that reason, your host; SHARE Tours takes you to discover what is behind the mysticism of this place.

Plus, experience with the community people are going to leave an intellectual legacy that takes history of the Maya and their biggest events or traditions that are still alive in some communities.

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If you want a host to come to Guatemala, you know that the best one and the one that will give you what you’re looking for is SHARE Tours. Join in and live Guatemala!


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