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SHARE Tours and its vision of responsible tourism

SHARE Tours and its vision of responsible tourism

October 6, 2016

Responsible tourism is based on three pillars: environment, society and economy. The first one seeks to respect and preserve wildlife, save water, use of resources and change the environment in a positive way. With respect to the axis of society, responsible tourism focuses on sharing cultural aspects. Instead, the axis of economy, aims to empower communities, investing in local culture and seeks aware donations to help people grow and develop.

SHARE Tours fits perfectly with an organization that promotes a more responsible tourism, focused on exposing the culture of Guatemala, but also empower people in the community. Find out more below!

SHARE Tours and its vision of responsible tourism

Our mission is to promote cultural exchange between foreign and citizens through life experiences that promise to inspire and welfare to society through sustainable programs. Also, the culture and history of the country is promoted through a tourism plan where different tourist places that are emblematic of the Maya culture are visited.

The way in which the mission is fulfilled but a vision of responsible tourism is also created through different actions such as:

  • Sustainable Programs

With the three types of travel that are active, gold and trader program, are integrate to sustainable plans for communities to obtain benefits in terms of infrastructure, financing or other aspects that help the development and progress.

Get more information: Why should communities have sustainable programs?

  • Promoting tourism and culture

Attracting tourism is a key factor in the organization and is focused mainly on the country's culture and communities. How? Through exchanges that put face to face with foreigners and locals to together carry out sustainable projects that leave in both of them life lessons, but also tangible benefits that empower communities and help to expose to the world its products, but also their culture.

  • Investment in communities

Tourism projects besides leaving a trace with their work and help, also put on the table financial resources for Tours SHARE to perform other projects that look out for a prosperous future for members of the areas where the organization works.


Get more information: Visit Guatemala and make a change in a community with SHARE Tours.


Focusing on these factors, working hard and making new proposals, the vision of SHARE Tours for responsible tourism clearly responds to a single goal: to see, to have and enjoy a different, more prosperous and walking forward Guatemala, exposing their culture and qualities to the world.


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