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Route SHARE Tours by the highlands of Guatemala

Route SHARE Tours by the highlands of Guatemala

October 7, 2016

Guatemala is a country with cultural diversity, but also with natural different landscapes in each region. Of course, the context and economic or political situation is also different.

The Guatemalan highlands as well as being one of the most spectacular regions of the country not only for its scenery, but also for its people, has a unique weather and fertile soil that can grow different foods.

In Guatemala, the highlands are one of the most visited regions because of its handicrafts and color and history that is represented in its people.

SHARE Tours recognizes the potential of this region to captivate tourists. So, go ahead and discover more Tours SHARE route to the highlands of Guatemala.

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Chimaltenango Tours

In this department, you can find one of the most important cities in the country's history for being part of the conquest. Tecpan, is a place with a warm weather, beautiful natural landscapes that distinguish Guatemala from the rest of the world.

The most important city of Chimaltenango; Tecpan was the city of the kingdom Kaqchikel, but also the first capital of the country.

Currently, this place preserves history and heritage of the Mayan culture. Visit Chimaltenango in the Guatemalan highlands is an experience you should not lose.

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Sololá Tours

It’s a popular place for tourists and is among coffee plantations, also in one of the cities of Solola is the most beautiful lake in the world. Also, the place is another important point concerning the conquest, since the place was the scene where Spanish, Cakchiquel and gave Tzutujiles ended a battle.

The villages around, as well as cultural diversity, volcanoes, entertainment and crafts, dazzles everyone who visits the place.

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Huehuetenango Tours

The architecture retains a neoclassical style, its landscapes and mountains welcome tourists who venture to know this city whose habitants, are Mayan descendants.

Tissues, archaeological sites and culture of indigenous peoples define this place and really describe what Guatemala is.

Quetzaltenango Tours

It is the second most important city in Guatemala, is regularly known as "Xelajú". The languages spoken in this place are 3: mam, Spanish and Quiche.

Quetzaltenango has a cold weather, but worth a visit because its volcanoes are unique. No other like it in the world. They combine with a particular architectural environment full of history and culture.

Gastronomy, handicrafts and important places like the Municipal Theatre of the city make tourists who visit, want to visit again.

What do you think of this short route SHARE Tours by the highlands of Guatemala? It certainly does not compare to the experience that you can live when you visit and discover firsthand every corner.


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