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Planning a Social Trip: A step by step guide

Planning a Social Trip: A step by step guide

May 23, 2016
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There are many ways of traveling  for example, letting yourself go in an adventurous way or planning every single detail of your trip, which of these two ways do you prefer?They sound extreme, and off course not everything has to be black or white, there is always space for some in between colors.

When you are thinking of traveling even for a few days, the best way to do it is planning and letting yourself have a little bit of adventure, as in letting some space left to let the trip absorb you and not controlling everything. If you are considering traveling any time soon and you don’t want to just be another tourist, you can have a social part during your trip. What is this? Well you could help an organization or getting involved in activities with the locals.

We want to give you some tips on planning a social trip with this step by step guide and not dying while trying… Let’s begin!


  •        Decide where you really want to go

The world is too big, and sometimes you can let yourself go and get confused on which place you want to visit. Focus! First, pick a map, then choose the continent you want to visit, then the country and finally the city. If you pick a big city, this will allow you to see the surroundings and see even more than what you expected.

  • Check for the country requirements

After you have chosen the destination, check for visa and documents that are required by the country you are planning to visit. Do this with time ahead and have all the documents ready, just in case you need them.

  • Decide how long are you going to travel

It is important you choose how many days you are going to stay and the dates you are traveling to your destination. This will help you book a ticket, a hotel and even make a budget.

  • Do a research on money and start saving

First you need to know the type of money that is available in your destination, do a calculation with the rate change, and calculate how much money you will spend if you backpack or stay in a big hotel, expenses on food, transportation and everything you will do during your trip. After this you have to start saving money to go there, remember you don’t want to be in a bankrupt when you return home.


  • Ways of getting to your destination

Is it very far from home? Can you take a train or plane or car? All this things you have to decide them before going there. If you book a ticket, it's better if you do it with time ahead, this way you may find better and cheaper prices.


  • Plan your activities

Plan the major activities you want to enjoy, but do not plan everything. If you plan in a general way you will have also a general idea of your expenses. If you are going to a destination that you have never ever been there, plan most of your activities, then look for free walking tours, they are cheap and a great way of learning a lot about your destination and see the city entirely.

  • Traveling with a social purpose?

If you want to help the locals during your trip, you can investigate on social organizations and plan a visit or leave a few days of your trip to get involved with a community and help. Always check the requirements the organization has for volunteers.

  • Buy a travel insurance

This is very important and you will need it. It is better to prevent than to regret, so buy a travel insurance. You never know what may happen and it’s better to be prepared. This type of insurances last a specific period of time and are not very expensive.

  • Pack

You are almost ready to travel, don’t forget to pack everything you will need. It’s better if you do a checklist of your items so you don’t leave anything behind.  Also take with you a light luggage and reusable items like battery chargers, water bottles and shopping bags made of fabric.


  • Enjoy your trip!

Ready? Set…GO!  Now you are completely ready to enjoy your trip. Take pictures, enjoy the landscape, try new foods and get as many experiences for a lifetime as you can.


Good luck on your social trip and enjoy a once in a  lifetime experience!

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