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List of special dates and festivities in Guatemala during December

List of special dates and festivities in Guatemala during December

December 7, 2016

December is one of the most beautiful months of the year. It is full of traditional festivities and special dates that celebrate important events in this beautiful Latin America country.

If you like to be part of one of these important dates, here we have for you a list of special dates and festivities that Guatemalancelebrate during the month of December:

December 5: International Volunteer Day

On this day people search and go to different organizations to sign up and be part of a volunteer group. Guatemalans like to volunteer since they find it as an activity where they can help other people, contribute with society and help with the development of their country.

December 7: Quema del Diablo (The Burning of the Devil)

“La Quema del Diablo” is one of the most traditional and special days in the Guatemalan culture. On this day, people take all of their old stuff from their home pretending to a spiritual clean by burning all the old things. They also burn garbage and paper figures of the devil that symbolize evil.

This event is celebrated every year on December 7 at 6pm it is also considered as the starting point for other special dates in Guatemala such Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

December 12: Virgin of Guadalupe

On this day, the Catholics that live in Guatemala go out to the streets and celebrate the day of one of their most important religious images called “Virgen de Guadalupe”.

The tradition is that the families dress their children with indigenous clothes and take them to visit the altar of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” also known as “La Virgen Morena”.

December 24: Christmas Eve

Guatemalan families have the tradition that on this date, they take their time and prepare a delicious dinner, invite their loved ones and share special moments together.

The people also like to burn fireworks together and wait for midnight to wish each other a Merry Christmas and give each other a gift. Most of the people decide to open their gifts in that moment; others like to wait until Christmas morning.

December 25: Christmas

After a night full of parties and celebration, Guatemalans decide to go out and visit all of their family relatives at their home. Some families get together to have a delicious “Tamal” with the traditional drink called “Ponche”.

Others decide to rest all day after a night full of celebrations.

December 28: Day of the Holy Innocents

This is one of the dates that a lot of people in Guatemala forget and they end up being a victim of the jokes and pranks that other people do. Even the newspapers and large companies publish things that are not true on social networks. But why does this happen?

On this day, Christian people commemorate the terrible story of all the children under 2 years old that were killed by King Herod as he was trying to get rid of baby Jesus.

Jesus was saved since his father Joseph was warned by an angel. Herod lived many years convinced that he had killed Jesus and lived many years deceived by a false. Therefore people publish false stories trying to make others believe in them.

December 31: New Year’s Eve

On this special date, people go to different places to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. People wait for midnight to celebrate and welcome the New Year with parties, traditional activities and Guatemalan food.

This is one of the most anticipated celebrations by the people that live in this beautiful country.

Tell us, which is your favorite festivity of the last month of the year?

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