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Learn more about solidarity tourism in Guatemala with SHARE Tours

Learn more about solidarity tourism in Guatemala with SHARE Tours

June 13, 2016
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Discover the great Mayan civilization, help vulnerable communities in Guatemala and live an unforgettable experience! These and more is what you will get when you travel and do solidarity tourism with SHARE Tours.

We promote solidarity tourismthrough the exchange of life experiences with the objective of transforming lives, this is caused by the interaction and bond created by travelers and locals in the different communities we work with.


It is part of SHARE Guatemala and it seeks the develop of cultural exchanges that include values, knowledge, cultural practices, religious cosmogony, lifestyle and nature; all this involving vulnerable communities in the rural areas of the country allowing them them how to create and maintain sustainable projects that benefit them.

How does it work? Well, we invite adventurous travelers to come to Guatemala. Not only to make a trip to this beautiful country, but to work with communities for a period of time where you get to involve with the locals. For example High School, College and entrepreneurs can work with farmers, other entrepreneurs, built handwashing stations at schools, become English or art teachers, among other activities and also travel across the eternal spring land.


Since SHARE Tours promotes trips, we can tell you general stuff about some of the traveling programs. Most of them last a week and the main objective is to travel across Guatemala and encourage the development in communities.

During this trip you meet entrepreneurships created by women and learn the projects they develop, most of them work to have better a better quality of life. You also meet a microfinance specialist that explains to you the process and how microcredits function for farmers, craftsmen and merchants.

You can also visit the provinces of Chimaltenango and Quiché, allowing you to hear from local leaders about the reality of Guatemala: local development, migration, civil war, among others.

During the touristic part of the program you can explore the souvenir markets, visit the colonial town of Antigua Guatemala, the most amazing lake Atitlán and Chichicastenango’s most famous market in a tailored cultural immersion. This trip is divided on 4 stages:


- Social development in Guatemala: You visit the Capital City to contextualize and the main offices of SHARE Guatemala in San Lucas Sacatepéquez.

- Community immersion: You visit a rural community, learn how to prepare delicious tortillas and traditional dishes, you work for two days at a school project or others,  and you visit a weaver's women's group in the community, where you will be meeting them and will be able you buy directly from them beautiful handcrafts.

- Social development through microcredits: You receive a talk about microfinances and a guided visit to local entrepreneurs that work with SHARE Guatemala and are transforming their lives through economic development.

- Living the Mayan experience: You visit lake Atitlán and surrounding villages, the ancient indigenous city of Iximche in Tecpán, and have a farewell dinner at the beautiful city of Antigua Guatemala.


What does it include? Stay at hotels, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transportation across Guatemala, a traveling insurance, tickets to all the touristic sites, guided by a professional and certified guide and translator.


  • What do you have to know before you travel to Guatemala?

Guatemala is a beautiful country and it is actually one of the cheapest destinations to travel to, so be ready to experience something you have never lived before. During this trip you will learn how some communities and people who live under poorness effects have overcome their situation and work very hard every day to have a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.


Do a solidarity trip to Guatemala with SHARE Tours…Have a cultural exchange, work with locals, eat amazing food, visit beautiful places and help others.


If you want more information about the traveling programs CONTACT US.

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