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In Guatemala we’re all outstanding

In Guatemala we’re all outstanding

October 6, 2016

In addition to the monuments or food, people’s characteristics also define and represent a country. Physical traits, values and personality define a country in some way.

Although news present Guatemala to the world with certain characteristics, "chapines" define themselves with certain values and customs. Mainly Christian values guide actions of Guatemalans.

Coming on, there is a list of aspects that cause in Guatemala all Guatemalans can be outstanding. Keep reading!

Characteristics that define Guatemalan:

  • Solidarity

In times of adversity, the Guatemalan always support each other. A simple gesture a tragedy or moments of pain and other ways to support is what makes caring citizens.

  • Cheerful

Regardless of the situation, the chapines always have a smile to give and find spaces or moments to forget the problems and distracted.

  • Simple

Guatemalan satisfaction in things that are necessary, and seeks  without ambition to serve his neighbor or community. In the simple details of life, find pleasure and satisfaction

  • Friendly

In their affable and respectful attitude, Guatemalans show the kindness they have with the people around him. Affectionate attention on small details like helping change a wheel or give a few minutes of a phone to make a call to a neighboring, are actions that make them chapines considered as friendly.

  • Honest

Even in need Guatemalan are honest. Meaning, they are honest with others and with themselves. Seeks justice and righteousness to all, even if thair current situation could force them to do things a certain way.

A study by a Spanish telephony brand, found that 83% of Guatemalans are honest and are willing to return what doesn’t belong to them, regardless of their needs.

  • Ingenious

To cope with difficult situations, chapines create and invent ways to get ahead, but also to laugh at their own situation or errors. The popular ingenuity and creativity is what has led many to improve, excel and grow.

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These are six characteristics that define chapines. When you visit Guatemala and meet them, you’ll proof that all of them have these characteristics and there are more of those that make them stand out. Tell us how you define a Guatemalan!

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