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How to pack a green suitcase?

How to pack a green suitcase?

May 27, 2016
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Let’s face it, traveling makes you happy…Probably every morning when you wake up the first thing that comes to your mind is “I want to travel”. Traveling allows you to see and experience things that if you stay at one place or your hometown, you probably won’t live. 

There are many ways to travel, but why not doing it and leaving a small carbon footprint (the total amount of greenhouse gas produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in tons of carbon dioxide – CO2. A person's carbon footprint is measured by what he or she uses that come from greenhouse gas), in the world? This is possible, and actually pretty amazing. So you can travel with few luggage and also in a green way. Do you know how to pack a green suitcase? Here we tell you how.


First let’s differentiate one thing: traveling light is not exactly the same as traveling with a green suitcase, and off course we are not talking about a green color bag. We mean having a luggage that actually works for you and for the environment and doesn’t make you carry more than you actually need.


You must consider taking only the necessary and taking multipurpose items that you can reuse. This will make your day to day efficient during your trip.


What to include in your luggage?


  • Reusable items: instead of buying a water bottle everywhere you go and every day, why not taking with you a reusable bottle that you can fill every time. Also take a shopping bag made of fabric and a battery charger.
  • Traveling size containers: Shampoo, conditioner and cream bottles that are not bigger than 100 ml, and also a mini travel guide. Why? The less amount of space you occupy on you bag, the better. But remember to always stay clean!
  • Cloths that are durable: Take the necessary clothes you need like underwear, some shirts and pants, but make sure they are durable. You don’t want to have to buy every cloth item again during your trip.
  • Multipurpose items: this means shoes that you can use for walking a lot or going out to dinner and still look great, or even jackets that transform into vests or bags that become smaller.


You have your luggage ready and now…It's time to go…. Another part of your trip is the destination. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two day trip, backpacking trip or a one month vacation, where you are going is very important.

Look for sustainable and ecological hotels, go to a community, and learn from a different  culture.  Also protect attractions, use efficiently the energy and water of the place. You can also do sustainable tourism and solidarity trips during your visit.

Also, leave no trace. How can you do this? Respecting and caring for the places you visit, for this you can take into consideration some things:


  • Planning ahead (know the regulations of the place).
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Look with your eyes and not your hands (admire cultural and historic sites without destroying them).
  • Recycle (do not produce so much garbage, instead use reusable items like water bottles).
  • Be considerate of other visitors (keep noise to a minimum; allow everyone a turn at viewpoints).  


Another important thing is taking care of water, and this is one of the biggest concerns for locals, hotels and basically everyone traveling or living in a place, mostly because a lot of water runs down the drains. In some countries where water is scarce.

Just to use some statistics, 30% of the water on hotels is used in the restrooms, 16% in landscaping, laundry and dishwashing; 12% for air conditioner and heat, 1% on pools and 11% in other things. So it is better if you preserve water during your trip.


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If you travel green you will help the world and fully enjoy your traveling experience.  What are you waiting?

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