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How to live the experience of a cultural Exchange?

How to live the experience of a cultural Exchange?

December 9, 2015
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Traveling is one of the pleasures that any human can enjoy in their lives, but doing it in a different way, it may result as a challenge. Due to this, cultural exchanges have become so popular, not only to travel and experience other cultures, but also to create an impact in a society. However, the most important thing to live an experience like this, is not only the desire but also to have a decision and commitment.

A cultural exchange experience involves new cultures and traditions but the main objective is to express and teach the local people about the culture you live in. The traveler can teach its language or some traditions from his country during this type of tourism. Without a doubt, visiting a new place always sounds fun but you have to question yourself: How can I live the experience of a cultural exchange? We have a couple of answers for you in this blog.

Find a project that is compatible with your goals

Traveling to another country to experience their culture is not as simple as it seems. The first step should be to find the right project you want to support and the organization with which you want to take the challenge. The most important thing should be to establish an objective you want to achieve or goal you intend to reach while you’re in the trip.

If you join an organization to find a project, you will definitely have a lot of offers, but you must learn to choose which is the best option that suits and relates to what you like to do and wish to experience. If you want to know an exotic place of the city that you will visit, we recommend you to take a tour. You should be aware that to do an exchange is completely voluntary because if it’s not that way, then it makes no sense at all.

The destination is really important!

The destination that you choose is important so you can have a nice adventure and it also depends on the help you can give to the community. If you decide to support a project, but the location of the city, the culture or the ideologies does not match with your characteristics, you should better choose a different destination.

For example, if you decide to go to Argentina, you should make a preliminary investigation of its traditions and the way people act and then analyze if it fits with what you want and if you can share your own culture with the local people.

Evaluate your skills!

First, you have to ask yourself what can I do and what skills do I have? Start by developing a brainstorm about all the things that you can perform and that could help you have a better trip. For example, if you visit Brazil and you speak Portuguese and English, the contribution you could provide is to teach local people to speak English.

Therefore, your skills are important to provide a better experience to the people who you will be visiting and where you will contribute with what you know. If you don’t feel comfortable with what you will do during the trip, it will not be memorable. Think about something that’s different and that the local people might not know. This unknown things for them could make them be a better person in the future.

Can I live the experience?

Enthusiasm is a very important aspect that you should have during the trip. An important thing is that you need to verify is if your budget will cover the cost of the experience you want to have and then ask yourself again whether it is the right destination and if your health is perfect for traveling.

Good luck and enjoy your trip!
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