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How to identify and solve the problems a community might have?

How to identify and solve the problems a community might have?

March 22, 2016
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Inside communities all over the world, there are different kinds of problems that prevent that the local people can make their dreams come true and have a better quality of life.

These problems are not easy to identify and it’s a little bit harder to solve them without the proper strategy or the help of an organization. Now, we will talk about how to identify and solve problems.


-Try to learn more about the people from the community: In order to get to know the problems of that society, you should start by leaving your home and meet people to find out about their struggles. This is a good way to learn about the aspects in which you can contribute.


-Do a little research to identify the needs of the community: Before taking any action, you should take some time to investigate and find out what are the problems affecting this place. Do Internet research, talk to people that have visited the place before or ask your friends if they can help you to investigate as well. This step is important to find out those problems that need to be addressed. 


-Get your friends or family members involved: Find out if more people from your friend circle or your family members are also interested in making a difference in someone’s life. If a group of activists commit to execute a plan to improve the quality of life of citizens from a town then everything will be done more efficiently. Remember that each person has different skills and if you put them together, the project will be successful. 


-Look out for Organizations: The help of an organization or non-profit charities will be perfect. Visit the websites of different organizations that work on social development activities and find out everything about them. Ask questions such as what kind of help they provide? How do they work on communities? How are they financed? What kind of volunteer opportunities are available? Also check out for the record of previous activities that the organization has made.


-Identify the ways in which you would like to help: Once you've taken the time to learn more about the place you’ll like to make a change and found the best organization to work with, it’s time to identify the ways in which you can help. Analyze all the information that you gathered, your interactions with other people and agencies and start to work. Answer these simple questions before you start. What do you have to do in order to start to help? What skills do you have? How much time are you willing to invest in this activity? Are you emotionally ready to do this?


Remember that the most important thing about doing any type of social development activities is that you will have the opportunity to leave your mark in someone’s life. Keep in mind that you're doing things to help others, so you must be very proud. Don’t worry if you see that your efforts to help go unnoticed, be happy and feel good with yourself.

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