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How to get professional photos when traveling?

How to get professional photos when traveling?

November 10, 2016
When traveling there is no better way than remembering each moment with a beautiful picture

When traveling there is no better way than remembering each moment with a beautiful picture, when you take a look at them you can relive the adventure and laughs you had. Plus, good pictures is the only way your family and friends have the chance to share the experience with you. So, the way you take the pictures is very important, that is why we want to show you today how to get professional photos when traveling

Before taking the plane

Before going on a trip you have to think of the equipment you need. If you are not a professional photographer, don’t worry, you should only make sure you have enough memory cards and you camera, that is enough. If you are a bit more adventurous and you like to take the right equipment with you, then make sure you have the right lenses, flashes, a tripod, memory cards, etc.

Planning your trip helps you to have a better idea of what kind of pictures to take, so don’t forget to schedule your activities. Also, every time you go out, think about the weather, or if in the places you are going to visit it is allowed to take pictures or not.  In the following lines you will learn some techniques and tips to take better pictures.

  • Tell stories

Dzoom recommends that when taking pictures you find different scenarios, so you can tell stories through them. You can choose from a variety of options: postcard (the classic take of emblematic monuments), portraits (with a person on a given background) or details (special things of the places you visit). You can experiment with all of them, adding your own personal touch.

  • Self-portraits

Add some fun to your photos by taking self-portraits. Although they may seem common, you should find special elements that will help you make each one of your pictures unique, and of course, they should show the place you visit.

  • Trial and error

If the photo you took is not what you expected, then try a new angle, if you have more lenses, use them, flash or no flash, new gestures and positions. Experiment until you get something you like!

  • The right background spot

It is very important to look for the right spot, you must remember that it should take the right amount of space in the picture, the main characters are the travelers, so focus on that.

  • Camera ready… at all times!

There are brief moments that you could capture if you have your camera ready, so try to be open and alert to every single thing, you will have amazing shots!

One more thing: take pictures from the very beginning of your trip, that way you can get better, by practicing. You may also drop to the ground, climb trees or do anything to get better shots. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience to the fullest, the best memories stay forever in your memory. Bon voyage!

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