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How to contribute in society with art and culture?

How to contribute in society with art and culture?

December 18, 2015
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Developing countries suffer of violence since the young people do not have the love of a family or is hard to have access to education. The only way that they feel as if they are  part of the society is involving with gangs.

The number of young people in Central America is approximately 9 million. They are between 15 and 24 years old, 2 million of them, do not have a formal job and also, they don’t study. The youth is the present and the future of a country, for that reason, it is important to put all efforts on them. But how to contribute in society with art and culture?

Many people in marginal areas at the third world countries, have many talents in music, painting, acting, singing or writing, but the young ones do not receive the unconditional support of different organizations that have to do it. For this reason, is important to contribute in many ways to help in with their regeneration.

If you have the possibilities to help, you can do the following:

  1. Promote art in communities

Campaigns and trainings are very useful methods to motivate people to discover new talents. Probably, a person does not know what can they do to help because they never try it or ignore this type of practice.

The lack of confidence in people that live in communities do not allow them to express their abilities because they don’t have the opportunity to show up all the things they can do. People are working to discover new artists through workshops in different areas.

  1. Funding institutions

Sustainable projects are the schools or institutions that help improve the skill in everyone and in a long term, they will develop different aptitudes because teachers will help to create new things with the talents of everyone.  

The institutions are places where people can focus their energy in a different way. This type of plan helps young people to learn about dancing, music or poetry, also is important that the plan includes culinary arts for woman in the communities and use public spaces to show off the local talents.   

  1. Invest in business projects

Artistic abilities can be moved from generation to generation and with this aptitudes people create wonderful and amazing products that attract foreigners. Most of the time, those projects don’t have the opportunity to go out and they just stay in the community. If you invest in this type of business projects, you can give the opportunity to grow your business and you will have the satisfaction that a community is growing with your support. Also, you help the people to continue to develop their skills.

  1. Create galleries with the talents of local people

You may not know the different talented people that live in the communities of

Guatemala or El Salvador but if you visit one of them, you will discover the unique and different characteristics that they have. These people create amazing artworks with their own hands.

If you decide to work for creating a cultural place, the galleries or museums that you can found will be attractive for tourist, so this way, your contribution will be more because the economy will improve thanks to the tourism.

You have to understand this, if you help to promote the abilities these people have, you are helping them to express their feelings, so, they will be focused on various areas where they contribute and will not affect the society. The impact of arts and culture is in the regeneration of the society, but those will impact the national productivity too. Give a reason to people so they can smile again and teach them some art.
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