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How to choose and accomplish your plans for 2017?

How to choose and accomplish your plans for 2017?

December 5, 2016

A new year is around the corner and everybody is getting ready to choose the plans they what to accomplish during 2017. This might be something difficult to do if we don’t plan them since several factors always influence in the decisions we make or plan.

The plans we make in January, help us figure out which way of life will go during the rest of year. They also help us make a plan and stay on track to accomplish everything we choose to do.

If you have trouble choosing the proper goals you want to accomplish on 2017 or if you the type of people that start every year with the best of intentions but drop out just before reaching then,  here we have for you a couple of tips that will help you to choose and accomplish your plans for 2017.

How to accomplish your goals for 2017?

Create a Master Plan

Think about all the options you have available and determine what you actually need to do to achieve the goals you will set up. If you follow all the steps you plan since the beginning and continue until the end, you will succeed and on December of 2017 you’ll be able to celebrate and feel proud about the things you did during the year.

Make sacrifices

This will probably be one of the hardest parts of your 2017.  By making sacrifices, you will be able to complete the goals you established previously. Maybe you will have to sacrifice half hour of your lunch to volunteer in a non-profit organization, wake up and hour earlier or travel and spend a couple of days in another country to help a community that really needs it. At the end, everything will pay off.

Make your plans part of your life

Take each task you establish and work as hard as you can to complete them. Try to do them on a daily basis; this will help you create a kind of routine that will make everything easier to achieve.

Look for a partner

If you like to do things by yourself, then is fine, but is recommended that you don’t do it alone. Seek a partner that joins you with your plans and then help each other to achieve the goals. You can also search for a program that can make the tasks easier.

Reward yourself

A good way to keep you motivated is to celebrate and reward yourself each time you accomplish one of your goals. You can also set up a type of checkpoints and define at what specific time you want to complete them. Also, reward yourself with simple things for every checkpoint you reach. This will help you stay on track.

How to choose the best goals for 2017?

To do this, you need to stop and think about the things you love to do or the new adventures you would like to start on this New Year. Here we leave you some examples that you can take into consideration to choose your goals plans for 2017:

  • Lose Weight
  • Learn a New Language
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Be a Volunteer in your community
  • Travel to an unknown country do volunteering
  • Exercise More
  • Join a team from your favorite sport
  • Write a book
  • Stop Smoking
  • Learn to do something you always desired, like play an instrument, sing, dance, paint, etc.
  • Travel around the world as a tourist

These are just a couple of things you can consider when making your plans for New Year. Do you have any other options? Let us know in the comment section!

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