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How SHARE Tours make changes at different communities in each trip?

How SHARE Tours make changes at different communities in each trip?

March 29, 2016
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SHARE Tours is an organization in Guatemala that promotes real life experiences through solidarity tourism and ecotourism in different rural communities in the country. It also offers activities that will create an interrelation between the visitors and the hosts.

This program will give the tourists cultural exchange principles, values, knowledge, cultural practices and their cosmogony on life and nature; at the same time, people are able to help the most vulnerable communities of Guatemala with the help of effective sustainable projects that benefit the local population.

SHARE Tours has worked with students and teachers from different schools and universities from the United States. These are some of the places that have worked along SHARE Tours in Guatemala.

-Francis Parker School

-Northdame University

-Fordham University

-Arizona State University

-St. Charles Borromeo school

-Saint Joseph’s University

-San Diego State University

But, how SHARE Tours make changes at different communities in each trip? Continue to figure it out!


This program helps the communities that have fewer opportunities of succeeding in life and encourages the local people to fight for their dreams and have a better quality of life.


They focus on realizing some activities that help to strengthen the formal elementary education Guatemalan children and improve their education. SHARE Tours makes this possible with strategic objectives such as strengthen local participation and influence in school education process, parents motivation and improve children’s health and nutrition.

Health and nutrition are other things that this organization focuses on. The tourists and the team teach the local people how to improve their oral and personal hygiene. They all distribute hygiene kits to students and their parents from the community schools. Communities in San Martin Jilotepeque in Chimaltenango and Rabinal in Baja Verapaz have been benefited with this kits.

SHARE also promotes sanitary infrastructure projects that improve the infrastructure in the schools. At the same time, this will help the children have a better hygiene and health. The sanitary projects include new bathroom modules, kitchen remodeling, water stations, water capture tanks, new water systems and water reservoirs.

The creation of school gardens is another activity that the visitors can do during the trips. These gardens are an important tool as they promote values and teach the participant how to harvest the crops produced in the garden. It also teaches the ecological importance and how to get the best from the crops they planted.

Here’s a list of some activities in which the travelers participate to help the communities:

-School painting

-Hand washing stations

-Arts and crafts with students

-Community visit

-Classrooms painting

-School paved

-School perimeter with wall construction

These trips make a huge impact in the lives of the visitors and the host, as both of them learn from each other and have the opportunity to have a cultural exchange. What are you waiting for to make a difference and leave a mark in someone’s life? SHARE Tours is waiting for you!

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