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How have we helped people in Guatemalan communities?

How have we helped people in Guatemalan communities?

March 24, 2016
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Guatemala’s economy has been strongly hit in the last few years, this has had an effect mostly in the country’s small rural communities. Poverty, lack of education and lack of proper use of the natural resources have affected many families across the country.  

Many organizations have put a lot of effort on strengthening, helping and educating kids, women and men from these communities in order to overcome these circumstances and have a better life. This companies rely on the support of many voluntary workers that travel to the different places and help the people they share time with.

SHARE is one of these organization, its aim is to enhance the Guatemalan communities’ development, so that the inhabitants can have the opportunity of getting a better life quality trough a small business, which means an improvement in their income and skills.  

Now we will show you some of these cases, and you will get to know how have we helped people in Guatemalan communities.


-The first case takes us all the way to Aguacatán, in Huehuetenango. Here  the agricultural group Chuikankab was able to improve significantly the productive infrastructure of products like tomato and pepper. This group, formed by many families has gone trough obstacles like phytosanitary issues, loss of harvest, and low production. With the organizations support, the production grew 30 %, generating a great benefit to the membres of the group.


-The second story belongs to Mrs. Margarita Morales, who lives in Quetzaltenango. She is a mother and an entrepreneur, she cultivates strawberries, and sells them twice a week to the distributers of markets in the high plateau.


-Another beneficiary is Mr. Pablo Ixim from Chicamán, Chimaltenango. With the help he received he has become a successful entrepreneur, and he has been able to help other people by providing job opportunities. Nowadays, Pablo owns a mill, a bike center, a cellphone air time shop and a mototaxi service. He believes that each of these businesses has helped to improve his income and his employees’, providing them with a better life quality. 


-The last case is about Mrs. Rosa Elena Javier Lázaro, she is a mother of four, and she lives in Palencia, Guatemala. After living in extreme poverty, doña Rosa managed to start her own business. With SHARE’s support and a lot of effort she has become one of the most successful fruit sellers in Palencia’s local market. “In the beginning I was scared, because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but thanks to SHARE, I was able to do better”.

To finish, we would like to tell you that it is estimated that approximately 97 % of the clients assures that SHARE’s help has been crucial to improve their income and life quality.

Would you like to be part of this change?

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