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How does Ecotourism help the local communities?

How does Ecotourism help the local communities?

March 17, 2016
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Ecotourism is a type of tourism that has emerged and that has as main objective to strengthen the relationship between human beings, nature and people from rural communities. During this type of trips, the travelers are able to participate in sustainable activities that actively contribute to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.

In third world countries, the activities made during an ecotourism trip help the communities to plan and develop new strategies to improve the quality of life of the local people.  The visitors study and analyze how to solve the problems that the indigenous communities suffer.

But, how does Ecotourism help the local communities? We will list some of the benefits that this type of tourism gives to the communities of these countries.

  • It works as an option that contributes to the economic sustainability of the conservation of natural and cultural resources in the community.

  • Ecotourism helps to neutralize the negative effects of human development. It also help the local people of the communities to see what kind of natural resources they have and how to use them as a sources of tourist income. If you build conscience on them about this, the people work harder to protect those resources and improve their life quality.

  • It encourages the practice of a proper economic control which helps the people to administrate their incomes and give their family a better home and a comfortable life style.

  • With this type of tourism, locals are able to find work as tour guides and discover that their jobs depend on the natural resources and its conservation.

  • Besides tour guide jobs, local businesses are also benefited by the ecotourism that reaches their communities. Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and many other ones who provide services that help tourists discover the place. Ecotourism can boost the economy of the town and will build a greater environmental awareness.

  • It reduces the number of people who are forced to leave their place of origin in the search of a better quality of life.

If people take advantage of these benefits, ecotourism will be considered as a viable economic alternative for a local community and also the role of women in a community is taken more seriously since they help in areas such as gastronomy, crafts, natural medicine and other popular actions that enrich the tourist experience

Let’s remember that ecotourism are tours based on natural attractions and becomes a promising economic, social and environmental advance in developing countries. It also offers the people from these countries new opportunities to invest and create small businesses, employment opportunities and rise the natural resources protection.

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