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How can social entrepreneurship change the world?

How can social entrepreneurship change the world?

June 27, 2016
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Wanting to change the world is a feeling we all have at a certain moment in our life, even our fathers and grandparents had it and that is why the world is constantly evolving. A good way to do it is through social entrepreneurship, because it benefits your surroundings, other families and yourself.

How can social entrepreneurship change the world? The answer is: In many ways. The first thing we must talk about is what entrepreneurship is and then it’s social way to do it. Do you want to change the world? This is a good way to do it!



The Business Dictionary defines Entrepreneurship, as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture, taking risks in order to make a profit. Other experts take entrepreneurship as a challenge; the wish to make something that involves the surroundings and uses all the resources available. Entrepreneurs are people who innovate, are creative and satisfy consumers needs in the market.

Actually in some very poor countries, this is the way most business are created and made. That is because people have to find a different ways to make money, so they create their own companies and make profits out of them.


Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurships, on one hand, are looking forward to change society, seizing opportunities others don’t see, develop new approaches and create solutions that are implemented at a large scale. Entrepreneurs that specialize in social entrepreneurships usually come up with ideas of creating new products and services that dramatically improve people’s lives.

It has three important components:


  • Identifying a lack of justice in inclusion, no financial means or political transformation that benefits society.
  • After identifying that unfairness, developing a social program inspired by creativity and challenging the system.
  • Promoting a new equilibrium in society that reduces that lack of justice and unfairness.   

Even more than that, they don’t do it because it’s a popular trend, but because they are passionate about improving social life for communities or groups of people. That is the biggest payment for them: Helping, transforming  and changing society.


How can it change the world?

There many ways social entrepreneurships can change the world, here we present you three of them:


- Supporting technological innovation

Technology is taking over the world and even though most rural areas in third world countries don’t have much access to it, you can help with this. Did you know free Internet is an initiative many organizations have? Well, you can contribute by having an active role in investing in charities that support innovation and development using technology. For example, introducing computers and internet at a poor community.  


- Share through social network

Along with technological innovation, comes social media, this is a great way of letting the world know what you are doing, who you are doing it with and spreading good and bad news. So how about you share the good actions with you friends and make it viral? It would be a great idea, just remember that one thinks is sharing and the other one is over sharing, if you are going to help do it because you really want to do it and not because it’s fashionable.

You can even start a blog or using videos to tell your experience with social entrepreneurship. Imagine you decide to travel overseas, then you can document your trip and in this way spread to the world that there are so many different ways of changing the world.


- Recruit more people

In the case that you social entrepreneurship is already on the way of developing, you are making new contacts and getting to know more people, so use network connections to gain “partners in crime”, this means people who also want to change the world and work with you. For example getting more and more people involved in your entrepreneurship and becoming successful, working with people that have the same dream will get you very far in life and business.


If you have a dream of changing the world having a business that economically benefits you and that also helps Planet Earth and its society, is a great idea to live. Do it and don’t let anyone stop you from doing something good for other people.


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