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Guatemalan food is so much more than tortillas

Guatemalan food is so much more than tortillas

July 29, 2016
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Guatemala: land of volcanoes, cultural richness and lovely people. It is known as the land of eternal spring which has a gastronomic culture so diverse you can eat almost for one year all the kind of tamales cooked here and never get bored!

Even though tortillas are on of the main components of the guatemalan gastronomy here, you will be amazed by the variety of food we have for you, and you will love it. So are you ready to learn about some of our delicious and typical plates prepared here? In Guatemala you can taste so much more than tortillas.


Guatemalan gastronomy

This country’s gastronomy is so diverse like its culture and people, so prepare yourself for a unique experience for your taste and stomach.


- Tortillas

We must begin by tortillas, in every Latin American country corn is a very important product, so tortillas which is like the bread you eat every day, are made with corn. Here, we eat tortillas with everything! Because they go along with every other food, so will probably eat them every day, all the time.


- Tamales

Another typical dish is tamales, but don’t expect a typical Mexican one, here we have at least 100 kinds, there are the Christmas tamales, paches, tamalitos de chipilín, chuchitos, tayuyos, tamales torteados, tamales negros, etc….. They all are prepared in a different way and with different ingredients. For example, Christmas tamales and tamales negros are prepared with rice; tamalitos de chipilín, chuchitos tayuyos and tamales torteados are made with corn. They all have a different filling like chicken, red meat or beans, which only makes them more delicious. You must also know that you can eat them for breakfast or dinner.


- Atol

Another important dish that is is also very diverse is atol. This is a hot beverage prepared with water and a lot of different ingredients. Atoles  preparation depends on the region you are visiting, for example in Guatemala and Sacatepéquez you can taste the Corn atole, which is delicious, or in Sololá you can taste the banana atole, made with bananas and cinnamon.


- Tostadas

Now let’s talk about some of the less elaborated dishes like tostadas, these are fried corn tortillas and on top you put beans, guacamole or a red salsa with onions, cheese and parsley. These are usually eaten while you drink an atol.


- Pepián

Other important Guatemalan cuisine dishes are Pepián and Jocón, two different plates that are so tasty you will love them! Pepián is made from a lot of spices, different tomatoes, chiles and it becomes a red and brown looking sauce eaten with vegetables like potatoes, carrots, with pork or chicken meat and rice. Jocón is made with small green tomatoes and other spices and it is a green sauce, you also eat it with vegetables and chicken meat and rice. Remember to always eat these dishes with tortillas!


- Mole

Last, but not least,  mole, this is a different one than the Mexican mole, Guatemalan mole is made with chocolate and bananas and it is not so sweet and it is delicious, you usually eat it as a dessert, during rainy afternoons or basically anytime you want!


There a lot of Guatemalan dishes you must try and learn to prepare, they may seem rare to you but they are so exquisite you will want to eat more and more! When you visit this amazing country, remember to taste all the foods we mention above because they is also part of the culture of this country.

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