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Guatemala City and its wonders: Travel with SHARE Tours!

Guatemala City and its wonders: Travel with SHARE Tours!

July 18, 2016
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Welcome to Guatemala City the heart of this beautiful Central American country, it is right on a valley surrounded by volcanoes, mountains and a lot of vegetation. In this city where approximately 3 mm inhabitants live, you will discover many wonders that go from a market to a financial center and also amazing restaurants.

During your traveling program with SHARE Tours, this is one of the first places you will visit so through this blog we want to tell you a little bit about this amazing place and also some of the wonders you will see at Guatemala City.


Guatemala City

Located at 4, 897 feet above the sea level, Guatemala City is a place where you will find a mix of modern and baroque architecture. Founded in 1776 it became the main city after an earthquake destroyed Antigua Guatemala (Santiago de los Caballeros) and the Spanish conquerors decided to move to this valley.

It has 24 areas or neighborhoods, and it is a very big city where a lot of people live, work and visit. The main transportation vehicle is the Transmetro a bus that goes from north to south of the city. The center is area 1 and the financial center is in the areas 9, 10, 14 and Carretera a El Salvador (a highway that connects with the rest of Central American countries).


Which places do you have to see in Guatemala City?


  • The Central Market: 

    Located between the 8th street and 9th avenue in area 1 of Guatemala City, this is the most famous market in the city, here you can find food, clothes, crafts, candles, ornaments, and basically everything you can think of. It is right behind Guatemalan Cathedral and it was founded in 1871, since then it has become an iconic reference of downtown city.


  • Sexta Avenida:

    The 6th avenue goes through the whole center of the city, it has always been a very commercial place and since 2010 it is a walking avenue where you can find hotels, cultural sites, restaurants, stores, coffee shops and churches.


  • Catedral Metropolitana:

    It is the main building of the Catholic Church in Guatemala (the main religion in the country), founded in 1867, its architectural style is neoclassical and it is still standing after some earthquakes have stroked the city. It’s a must see because it is a very beautiful church.


  • Palacio Nacional:

    The National Government Palace is in the same plaza or square as Catedral Metropolitana, a huge palace built in 1939 and finished in 1943, it’s called the Guacamolon by Guatemalans because of its green color. Today it is cultural palace where there also the main state offices. Here you will find a lot of paints and art that tell the history of Guatemala.


  • Cerrito del Carmen:

    A very small mountain where in 1620 there was built a church and the story tells that even before Guatemala City was moved to this valley, a lot of travelers and its inhabitants would pay a visit to the image of the Virgin that is at the church. Today it is a very safe place that you can visit and climb to the top where you can see the whole city.


  • 4 Grados Norte:

    Located at area 4, this cultural district is the perfect place to have a romantic dinner or walk around its streets where you will find walls with lots of graffiti. Here you will also find a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and cultural sites you can visit anytime.


During your visit to Guatemala City with SHARE Tours, try to see any of these wonders and fully enjoy this experience. Book your travel to this amazing place with us:


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