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Guatemala and Sololá: Two parallel worlds where SHARE Tours works

Guatemala and Sololá: Two parallel worlds where SHARE Tours works

August 18, 2016
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These probably are two of the most touristic places in Guatemala, the city contrasts with a province with a lot of nature, a beautiful lake and vulnerable communities. Do you want to learn more about this two provinces? Keep reading this blog.



Guatemala actually is Guatemala City, a province located exactly at the center of the country with a financial center and towns that surround it. Founded in 1776 it has 692 km2 of land where at least 3 m inhabitants live. In here you can find places like The Central Market of Guatemala, The National Culture Palace (Government Palace), Cayalá, Avenida Reforma; you can see an ancient part of the city with Spanish architectural designs and a modern Guatemala with tall buildings and large streets.



This province located at the South West of the country, is known for its agricultural richness and having the most beautiful lake in the world, according to National Geographic: Lake Atitlán.  It has 19 towns where mostly Kakchiqueles, k’iches and tz’utujul live. In here you can visit places like San Pedro La Laguna, Panajachel, the lake, and the town of Sololá.


The work of SHARE Tours

What does SHARE Tours does here? It attracts tourists and adventurous travelers like you to visit this places, that way you learn about the urban culture of Guatemala and have a look at its very fast pace. You also visit Sololá and get to see Lake Atitlán and meet artisans who make and create beautiful handmade fabrics and taste the best coffee that this region of Guatemala produces.

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So you inject money on theses places economies and have a great experience traveling here. But that is not all, SHARE Guatemala, the NGO that SHARE Tours belongs to, promotes in both provinces, development programs to help people who live in vulnerable communities.


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