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Do you know which the new trends in the tourism industry are?

Do you know which the new trends in the tourism industry are?

January 6, 2016
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The tourism industry is constantly changing due to the evolution in the travelers’ behavior. The trends of the tourism world can produce excellent innovations in the industry throughout 2016. This business is presenting changes and growth in areas such as social media, tourist expenses, technology, new traveler profiles, emerging markets, different types of tourism and behaviors of consumption.

Companies in this industry, arrange travel and traveler accommodations and also include services such as tour operators, travel agents, visitors’ bureaus and many other travel services. Other major services are reservations or tickets for airline flights and lodging, as well as leisure cruises and packaged tours.

But, do you know which the new trends in the tourism industry are?

Check out a couple of the new trends that can influence this 2016 in the tourism industry in short, medium and long terms:

  • Technology

The development of technologies based on Internet and mobile devices, provide to the consumers a direct access to a more wide selection of trips and service products. Since Internet and mobile users have increased worldwide, developers are creating more tourist and travel themed applications. This allows the travel suppliers provide global information in real time, ticket prices, availability, booking and ticket sales. This also helps intermediaries to filter the travel options and identify itineraries for trips, according to their needs.

  • Gastronomic tourism

Some travelers are really motivated just to travel and discover the foods and native dishes from the regions they visit. Each month, new travelers search for the most exotic plates in each country and travel to taste those new flavors and rare ingredients.

  • Cultural or Social tourism

The popularity of this type of tourism has grown in the past few year. The trips are made with the desire to get in touch with other cultures and learn more about their way of living. Tourist could also be searching to make a change in a community by being a volunteer with a specific association. According to several surveys, this trend is one of the most popular within the tourist

  • Private flights

Private flight rentals has grown nearly 6% of value sales, but their presence in terms of supply is set to double over two million private rental outlets by 2019.This will overflow the market and employing further pressure on prices for the lower-to-mid-end lodging market, especially the private rentals category itself.

  • More competition between airlines

Probably one of the most important trends in the industry is the further expansion of the low-cost airlines, which are emerging and absorbing most part of the air traffic in all continents of the world. The incorporation of a large number of new travelers from the middle class, gives this low cost airlines big opportunities. Travelers are always looking for a way to save money on airplane tickets. Do to the success of these cheap airlines, the traditional businesses are forced to adapt.

In recent years, the tourism industry has experienced a series of changes in the way consumers think, how they search for adventures and what they want to experience. As previously mentioned, all of these new trends will change the travel industry in long and short terms.
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