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Do you know how the F1 helps the world?

Do you know how the F1 helps the world?

December 4, 2015
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Formula 1 is more than a championship, drivers and cars. People love the F1 because it can carry many emotions like adrenaline and happiness. The main goal of the races is to give an amazing show and entertain, but in backstage, the hard work with the advanced devices they use, is the main element of these races. Some people think that the Formula 1 is a superficial project that only focuses on cars and races, but do you know how the F1 helps the world?.

Many techniques that are important during the races can be used to fight different problems around the world, specifically in the health area. Investigation and development is being applied in everyday situations.

There are two important stories about projects where the technology from F1 is applied.

  1.     A chair made with carbon fiber

The team of formula 1 help people with a disease, specifically, those who needs a chair for daily activities. Different types of technology that the team used for the races, work in the design and functionality of this element with carbon fiber. The experts said that the chair is a piece of engineering and contribute to people in everyday activities.

 Mike Spindel created the Trikinetic Factory with the vision to manufacture unique chair for specific needs and particular diseases. The specific characteristic that was taken from the F1 cars is how the body and seat control the functionality of the whole chair. They give a better quality life and new opportunities to the people. This is the main element and why is so important to highlight in this project because, people can start to live a normal life again.

  1.     Saving lives

Have you ever imagined how the human body works and what is its similarity with the race car? The human body and cars need to be monitoring what is happening inside of them to understand what is the problem and what will probably be the solution.

The Electronic Control Unit is the car’s brain and works to understand what is happening, what the experts have to do with the gas oil or tires. Thanks to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), the problems can be detected before something bad or an accident occurs. A great idea was born and the system was applied at Birminham Hospital, specifically in the cardiology department. The objective is to use the same procedure to know what is happening in the heart of each patient and then take action to save lives.

The F1’s technology was applied in the hospital’s computer and doctors can monitor the sanguineous pressure and the heart’s beats of each patient. The consequences of this idea were amazing because they can prevent many probable cases in children.


F1 provided new solutions for people that need technology and new ways for a better life is a good option to contribute to the world because if everything works as well as the race car, the evolution in the health area will be better every day. One of the most important things about this is how this technology can be used in different activities and not only for races, but to help people that need to have a better life.

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