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Did you know Guatemala is one of the most solidary countries?

Did you know Guatemala is one of the most solidary countries?

June 17, 2016
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Solidarity is defined as a person’s capacity of performing with the objective of helping others, assuming and sharing benefits and risks. It is so much more than just helping, you have to do it because you really want to and do it selflessly. It may seem very similar to the definition of volunteering, but the truth is that both terms combine and coexist, because one without the other, would not make any sense.


Solidarity in Guatemala

A big heart is what all Guatemalans have, in 2015, the Charities Aid Foundation ranked at the World Giving Index, this amazing country at number 16, making it the most solidarity countries of Latin America. That means people tends to volunteer more, donate their time and money to those in need. Being explained like this:

Guatemalans donate 79% of their time to help others, 41% of their time volunteering and 38% donating money.

Actually, in Guatemala there are thousands of foundations that work in different areas, some work to eradicate poverty, promote art, education, environment, health, malnutrition, and more. This might be related to the Human Development index and the problems that Guatemalans faces every day like lack of access to education, poor public health institutions, insecurity or severe hunger.

Despite all this, Guatemalans are very solidary and like to help, even more than some G20 countries, which proves that richness is not always the most giving characteristic in the world.


In which cases have Guatemalans demonstrated their solidarity?

Due to its geographical location, this country is exposed to natural disasters like earthquakes, earth collapses, hurricanes, tropical storms, and more. According to the World Giving Index, religion and conflicts also contribute that countries like Guatemala demonstrate solidarity.

Just to name a case, in October 10, 2015, a gigantic mountain collapsed on a village, killing more than 500 people, hundreds without home and more people were injured. Guatemalans reacted immediately, getting to the disaster zone, helping firemen and rescuers, donating food and clothes. Also doctors, nutritionists, athletes, the media, foundations, policemen, and international rescuers helped during those tough times for the inhabitants of El Cambray II, the village that suffered this natural disaster.

What is the World Giving Index?

To understand what the World Giving Index is we must explain what the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is. This is an international charity registered in the United Kingdom that motivates society to give more and help transform lives and communities around the world.

They created six years ago, the World Giving Index to include data from 145 countries, it includes ranking scores to establish measurements on giving behavior across the world, and only by some questions they ask in each country like: how much time, money would you give to help and volunteering.

"It doesn’t matter the way you help as long as you do it",  this is a common phrase in Guatemala. We love to contribute and change the reality of our country, we disagree with unfairness and propose a better future for all the Guatemalans. Tell us, do you like to help?


If you are insterested in learning more about Guatemala and how to do solidarity tourism, click here: SHARE Tours.


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