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Classic tourist vs. Social Tourist, with which one are you?

Classic tourist vs. Social Tourist, with which one are you?

October 7, 2016

Tourists have changed, now there are many opportunities to explore the world from a different perspective. Go to a beach, relaxing in the hotel and watch the sunset with a Caribbean drink is no longer the only way that people find to venture abroad. There are tourists that see beyond a moment of relaxation and seek to create impact, trace, stealing the hearts of locals and make friends. Although there are people who still taste for traditional tourism. Which do you identify yourself with? Keep reading and find out!

Classic tourist

  • Communicates in their native language: This tourist does not make an effort to learn the language of the country you visit. All he wants is to have fun, learn and be well cared for in the places you visit.
  • Come in safe places: it is kept away from the food stations where locals usually eat. Prefers international chains or exclusive restaurants to sample the cuisine they already know.
  • Staying in hotels: because they are looking for a quiet, pleasant and relaxing experience, classical tourists sleep in hotels. Some, look for places from 3 to 5 stars.
  • Dress as a tourist: camera, lenses and other accessories put them in the crosshairs of the locals. They are quickly recognized by the clothing bearing is a tourist in search of new experiences.
  • Buys souvenirs: visits souvenir shops where looking to collect or to take your family or friends.
  • Pay for unique experiences: A tourist guide or an agency is the option they are looking to know the place, travel locally and instruction in terms of history or culture.
  • Visit popular places: on their list of places to visit are the most popular, busy and famous.
  • Relaxes and has fun: the trip has only one goal and  it is to have fun, shed stress and forget about the routine.

Social Tourist

  • Stays in houses of local people: instead of looking for famous or exclusive hotels, social tourist looks to stay with local people.
  • Communicates in the language of the country they visit: makes an effort to communicate with nationals in their language. When you visit a store or go for a coffee, he makes the effort to ask in the local language even if it’s hard or delay more.
  • Looks for experiences that locals do: instead of visiting places frequented by foreigners, seeks experiences that are recommended by national people, and relying on the criteria they have and ensures unique experiences.
  • Eat the same as nationals: goes in search of a national cuisine. They don’t matter how strange it is, they are willing to experiment with new flavors.
  • Look to contribute to the community they’re visiting with their skills: beyond knowing a place, social tourists look out to leave their mark in the community through volunteer work, according to their qualities or abilities.
  • Adventure losing themselves internationally: thier way to discover new places, meet new people or new experiences is losing themselves internationally and find your way back through the interaction or communication with whoever is right in front of them.

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It’s normal to have a little of each type of tourist, but which one do you identify with the most? Tell us!


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