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Change agents and their contribution to the world

Change agents and their contribution to the world

July 25, 2016
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What is a change agent? Is it someone that really contributes the world? The word may sound like a special agent, you know the 007 type, but it goes beyond that. It actually refers to leaders that are contributing the world in a good way.

Even more than that, it refers to “someone who alters human capability or organizational systems to achieve a higher degree or self-actualization”; this means that someone has a goal of change and sticks to those changes. They can be anyone, even you or me, as long as we seek for the common wellness and are always innovating the world. According to George Couros, an entrepreneur and writer, social or change agents must have several characteristics:




1. Vision

That means looking to the future and living in it, we mean past events are important but you have to let them go and move forward, this is very important because you set goals for yourself and reach them with hard work, because you really want them.


2. Passion

This is probably the most important ingredient a change agent must have, because you can learn skills, but passion is something that comes within a person. So if there is a cause you really believe in... do it! Being passionate about achieving it will help you get it.


3. Motivation

Not everyone has a good day always, so this is an important characteristic because if you know how to motivate others, you will be able to self-motivate you, it’s like finding that reason to wake up every morning and fight for your dreams.


4. A people person

You got to have social skills; we don’t mean being the most popular person in the room, but to have that thing that attracts other people, like being polite, talk to others, have a sense of humor and believing in yourself. This last part is essential, because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will do it for you.


5. Commitment

You got to commit to what you want to achieve! It’s like going to church but being an atheist. Commitment is the base to basically every social change in the world, you have to fight a lot, go against those who try to discourage you and work hard to achieve that goal.


Types of change agents

Hand to hand with these, there are several types of social agents:

- Ultra committed change-maker: This is a person that commits to positive social change in the personal philosophy and actions.

- Faith- inspired giver: Where religions guides the person to make a change in society.

- Social conscious consumer: Support economically responsible corporate behavior.

- Purposeful participant: They take school or work as the main motivation for involvement in positive social change.

- Casual contributor: They engage in making a change but in a casual way and not frequently.

- Social change spectator: They don’t really get involved and prefer to watch change happen.


Social and change agents are very important, they donate, educate and participate constantly in trying to make a positive impact in the world. Are you one of those? What are you willing to do to achieve those social goals? Are you trying to change someone’s life in a good way?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions then you are a Change agent, you are making an impact in society and in your life. Remember that with one little action mountains can be moved, so go on and never give up!

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