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Benefits of being a volunteer

Benefits of being a volunteer

November 3, 2016
Being a volunteer is an act of kindness and love to a community, the environment or animals.

Being a volunteer is an act of kindness and love to a community, the environment or animals. There are many organizations that motivate voluntary work in different parts of the world, they even look for people to leave their comfort zone in order to create a positive impact on the world.

Being a volunteer not only benefits the community or the place the work is done, it also brings a lot of positive things to the volunteers themselves, these go from work aspects to health contributions. Following you will learn more about the benefits of being a volunteer, and by the time you finish we are sure you will feel like packing a bag to go and change the world.

  • More probabilities of finding a job

People that work as volunteers have more probabilities of finding a job, volunteering is a very competitive working aspect nowadays.

  • Increase of self-confidence

By volunteering, people get to live new experiences that boost their self-confidence, it all comes from the process of facing new challenges and reaching new goals.

  • Healthier people

United Health Care is an organization that encourages voluntary work, they worked on a study that demonstrates the health benefits in has, 76% of the volunteers involved in the study stated that they feel healthier, both physically and mentally.

  • Mood improvement

90% of the people involved in the above mentioned study, said that after volunteering in any organization, they felt that their mood improved significantly.

  • Better health control

80% of the survey respondents also said that voluntary work has helped them to have a better control on their health.

  • Diminishment of stress levels

78% of surveyed volunteers said that after being part of a program, they felt their stress levels going down considerably.

  • Definition of a life purpose

In this study, 96% of respondents, believe that their life purpose had been defined after living a voluntary work experience.  

Besides all the benefits you’ve just read about, there are many others like helping a community, making friends, traveling, etc. The most important part of being a volunteer is action and attitude, the benefits you will get will not necessarily be economic, but they are just as valuable. And if you do it wholeheartedly, the satisfaction you will feel by the time you are done will be incomparable.

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