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Are you taking a gap year? Volunteer!

Are you taking a gap year? Volunteer!

August 19, 2016
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Graduating from High School or College is a big step in life, most people don’t know what they want to do with the rest of their lives and decide to take a gap year, are you considering this? In this blog we want to give you an option for you to live an unforgettable and unique experience during this time off you are taking.


Have you considered becoming a volunteer in an NGO or traveling overseas? If you have, this is the right content for you; if you haven’t, keep reading because this might call your attention.


A gap year

It can be defined as a period of time taken by a student to travel or work, often after High School or before starting graduate school, it is considered a break from formal education. It can also be a way of taking a long vacation from work. (


It has become a trend and many people is doing it, mostly from the United States of America, European countries, Australia and America. It really doesn’t matter the nationality you have, the truth is that doing it, will enrich your life forever.


Taking a gap year has good outcomes for people who takes them, like, having a better sense of who they are as a person and what is important to them; giving them a better understanding of other countries, people, culture and ways of living; And it also provides them with additional skills and knowledge that contributed to their career or academic major.


What to do during a gap year?

Traveling, learning something new, acquiring a new hobby or even doing charity are some options you can take into consideration to spend this next 12 months after you graduate. Have you thought about doing all that and also becoming a volunteer?


Volunteering consists on the action that someone takes by performing a service willingly and without pay. When you do a service you are also helping or doing something for someone else without expecting in exchange an economic benefit or wealth.

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All around the world there are many volunteering programs you can take, for example if you love animals, travel to the Amazonas or help elephants in Asia; on the other hand if you love teaching, visit a country and become an English or art or drama teacher. Or you can also, do sustainable tourism, help vulnerable communities in undeveloped and in development countries, or even do some sort of business alliances with artisans in other countries.


As you can see there is no limit in the amount of choices you have to do something benefiting someone else and helping them, during this time you are taking off studying or working.


What are the benefits of volunteering overseas during a gap year?

The main benefit you will get is happiness, science has proven us that when you help other people, you are happy, it’s an intangible asset that is so satisfying you will cherish it forever. Other benefits are immersing yourself in a world outside of your own experience, discovering the cultural richness of other countries, appreciating the value of hard work, empathy and kindness.


In addition to that you will also travel and visit amazing places with beautiful landscapes. You will also have a more open mind about world problems like poverty, and multiculturalism.


Travel and help!

This is the best advice we can give to you, travel and help; meet new people, step outside of your comfort zone and live life to the fullest!



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