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5 Travel and Tourism Trade Fairs in California

5 Travel and Tourism Trade Fairs in California

January 15, 2016
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Fairs, trade shows and conventions are the best opportunities you have to make yourself highlight in front of your competitors, make sales and get potential customers, suppliers and partners. The success of these type of events is that they gather hundreds and thousands of people who are interested in doing business with the best company.

If you are a person that is involved in the tourism industry but you’re looking to give new adventures, destinations and services to your clients, you need to get involved and participate in an event related to the tourism industry. People who attend these events will find all the elements they look for in the same place and you have more chances of gaining new clients. That’s the reason we have for you five of the most important travel and tourism trade fairs in California that will allow you to expand your company to new areas and create a wide network of contacts.

  1. Los Angeles Times Travel Show

This event is held in the month of January in the city of Los Angeles. In this event, you can learn more about different destinations and be part of different activities that the sellers use to offer customers packages that include activities such as tours, surfing, diving and excursions to archaeological sites.

The activities that take place at this event will allow you to meet people specialized in the tourism industry. The fair attracts many people from different parts of the world since it takes place in a city that promises good business opportunities in tourism.

  1. Travel and Adventure Show

In this event you will be able to discover new and exotic destinations since it offers a lot of activities full of adventure and entrepreneurs with whom you can talk face to face to reach a deal. The show includes speakers that will give tips to all the businessman that will allow you to improve your business strategies and complete great deals with influential people in tourism.

At this show you will have the opportunity to give your best offers and deal to the show attendees and try to make a great alliance with a potential client.

  1. SYTA Annual Conference

This annual event that is also held in the city of Los Angeles in the month of August. Here, attendees can gather to talk and close deals with sellers. The fair focuses primarily on bringing together suppliers, investors and interested customers in the education area. The competitive advantage of this event is that the staff from the event work hard to find the best deals and even business appointments to all the fair visitors. This action contributes to the growth of educational tourism.

  1. [email protected] Travel Summit

This fair allows you to meet leaders from the tourism world that will help you boost your business with the tips they give. Due to the large amount of attendees in this event, it is possible to exhibit in the best way your services and meet potential suppliers or even make strategic alliances. In addition, this event has other activities such as conferences and workshops that contribute to the increase of knowledge. You will be able to meet people and improve the relationship with the audience to find future partners.

Without a doubt, Agent @ Home Travel Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the tourism world and make public relationships related to the travel industry.

  1. Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS)

The hotel industry is the area which this fair focuses on but it is also a good opportunity to contact people involved in this area and expand the services of your company. At the same time, you can learn from the audience and learn more about trends and information from the hotel industry.

Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) takes place in the month of January in the city of Los Angeles California and is recognized and respected worldwide by bringing together the best speakers and leaders to give conferences at the event.

The benefits of attending this hotel industry fair are that you will definitely gain experience, expand the number of contacts and create new business opportunities.

So if you want to get good results with your company, do not forget to plan your attendance to any of these events or if possible all of them. Save money and make time in your agenda because it will reward you in the future. These are good opportunities to make your business grow and the chance to position yourself in the travel and tourism industry.
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