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5 reasons to enroll in an international volunteer program

5 reasons to enroll in an international volunteer program

September 7, 2016
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The desire of travelling is something that everyone has, but doing it through a volunteer program not only gives you the excitement and adrenaline a conventional trip does, but it also gives you the opportunity to transcend through actions. So, why should you enroll in an international volunteering program? Following you will find 4 reasons to do it, when you finish reading you will probably be ready to pack and start this amazing adventure. Go ahead!

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1. You make lots of friends

Being in a different country encourages you to meet new people, create a bond and build a relationship with them, allowing you both to learn from one another, share your culture values and traditions. By doing volunteer work everyone works towards the same goal, which makes you share unforgettable moments and creates friendships that go beyond any border.


2. You learn a new language

Spending time with people that speak a different language allows you to interact with it and motivates you to learn more, which eventually forces your mind to think and speak in the local language.

In Guatemala, there are communities where spanish is the main language, but they also speak other languages that are very interesting and different, getting to know them will win you a special place in the community’s heart.


3. You build a better world 

Daily work, sharing your abilities and helping others in a given area makes it possible to build a better world, because you are making an impact in someone’s life. The creation of sustainable programs is one of the best ways for volunteers to leave a mark on the community, helping them to improve the current situation. Besides, creating a tolerance circle that goes beyond religion, origin and race is also a way to build a more equitative world.


4. You become a happier person

Serving, helping, having new experiences and adventures, getting to know new people, receiving a warm thank-you-hug, seeing the smiles and happiness tears of the person you are helping, this will all make you a happier person without doubt. This way you will know that you are fulfilling a mission, that you are discovering yourself in a different way.


5. You save money

If you find a program where all the expenses are covered, you are lucky, because you will be able to travel the world while you make a significant contribution through positive actions. And if you don’t find any of these there are also many programs that, although not covering all the expenses, might cover some like a place to stay and food. Undoubtedly an economic way of traveling is to volunteer, but this is something you must be passionate and share your chosen program’s vision.

By enrolling in an international volunteer program, you help not only the program itself, but also the community you work in. This will definitely make you a better person, bit by bit you will discover and live stories that will become your own. You don’t need any other reason, you just need to make up your mind now!


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