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5 myths of traveling to Guatemala

5 myths of traveling to Guatemala

June 10, 2016
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Guatemala is a Central American country. Although it is considered a third world country, with lots of problems, it's also a beautiful natural resources and amazing people. Have you ever wanted to travel here but hearing bad  things have stopped you?

Don’t believe everything you hear and visit Guatemala, a place that will take your breath away from the moment you get here. Do you want to know the 5 myths about traveling to Guatemala? Let’s begin…


  • Myth 1: You won’t get out of here alive!

Yes, it is no heavenly peaceful paradise, but just like any other Latin American country, it has it’s dangers, but that doesn’t mean you will die if you step outside in any street. The truth is you have to be as careful as you would be in New York or Paris, just be cautious with your belongings, don’t go to bad neighborhoods and don’t trust every stranger you see on the street.

Although the Embassy of The United States has many severe warnings about this topic, just don’t believe them all. It's better if you come and prove them by yourself.


  • Myth 2: Do not visit Guatemala City

A lot of people comes to Guatemala and don’t visit the Capital City, maybe it’s because most tourist guides say it’s dangerous or not worth visiting, but the truth is that is a must on your touristic Guatemalan destinations. It is located on a valley and it has been there since the 17th century, from here you can see at least 2 volcanoes and the plaza was built with colonial and modern architectural styles; there is also a very modern part with buildings and a huge financial center.

You can visit places like Cerrito Del Carmen, The Aurora Zoo, The 6th Avenue, The National Palace, Lots of museums, The Central Market and also you can try delicious typical foods or enjoy art in the streets of 4° Norte.


  • Myth 3: Dollars are not accepted

The Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala and also the money used, but that doesn’t mean you cannot pay some things with dollars, actually you can buy stuff at supermarkets, restaurants, taxis and almost everything. The conversion rate stays between Q6.50- Q8 per dollar, so don’t change all your money into Quetzals when you visit Guatemala and save some green bills for emergencies.

Take into consideration that the best place to exchange money is a bank, here we have several options, you just need to take your passport with you when you do it.


  • Myth 4: No one speaks English

Guatemala is a diverse country with 22 different indigenous groups and so 22 different languages, Spanish is the main one, but there are many people who speak English very well. Maybe it is because many foreigners live in places like Antigua Guatemala or Lake Atitlán, and that has made locals learn other languages to have better working opportunities. Guatemala has a big call center industry and that also contributes to the specialization of people.


  • Myth 5: Tamales and Tamales

Guatemala is right below México and probably that is why most people confuses both countries or thinks Guatemala is the same as México, and even though we have similar dishes, trust us: You will not only eat a typical tamal everyday. Actually in this small country there are more than 100 variations of this plate, and thousands of other more you must try. The gastronomy of this country will surprise you, and even though we eat tortillas every day and all day, Guatemalan ones are the best!


Have you heard or read other myths about traveling to Guatemala. Visit this amazing and beautiful country and prove by yourself that it is a touristic destinationthat everyone must visit at least once in a lifetime.


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