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5 handmade products that are only made in Guatemala and you must have!

5 handmade products that are only made in Guatemala and you must have!

August 18, 2016
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Guatemala is a small country in Central America, the main source of employment is agriculture and manufacture. Even so, there is a lot of tourists that visit this country, and also a lot of Guatemalans that create beautiful handcrafts.

it doesn’t matter the material they use, we believe there are millions of creations that are worth having, but in this blog we want to recommend you the 5 handmade products that are only made in Guatemala and you must have! Let’s begin!

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1. Textiles

Latin American indigenous textiles have certain similarities, but don’t compare to Guatemalan ones. Here they are mostly made by women and use natural cotton, natural dyeing materials and every single piece of fabric goes through an elaborated process to be made (artisan women state that it takes them at least 1 week to make 1 piece of fabric that has a size of 1 meter).


From fabrics to dresses, blouses, skirts, bags, straps, shoes, sweaters; you name any piece of cloth and you will find one that has typical Guatemalan textiles in here. They use vibrant colors and animal figures.


2. Blown glass

All around Guatemala you can see pieces of art made with blown glass, which is precisely made that way: craftsman blow air into tempered glass and create bubbles inside. As a result they get unique pieces of crystal that are usually sold as vessels, glasses, etc. Each piece looks very odd and different, which makes them beautiful.


3. Candy

Made in the province of Sacatepéquez, handmade candy is a delicatessen in the country, made with natural fruits, a mixture of milk and eggs. You can taste a variety of them called “Nuegados”, “dulce de pepita”, “dulce de tamarindo”, “quiebra muelas”, and more. You can find them all over Antigua Guatemala in the markets and candy stores.


4. Pottery

Another handcraft you must have is pottery. Ceramics made with fruit and animals forms, like the famous owl that is painted with yellow and orange and you will find everywhere in Guatemala. In the townships near Guatemala City, locals create ceramic pieces with natural mud and work them in traditional ovens. You can find them in the different markets of Guatemala.


5. Wood

Guatemala is a country with many natural resources that locals have used to create different pieces of “art”. Because there are a lot of forests, wood is one of those materials that artisans have worked to create decoration, furniture and toys. The wood pieces vary in size and style but you will be amazed on its rustic beauty.  


There you have it, the 5 handcrafts that are only made in Guatemala and you must have! When you visit this beautiful country remember to buy them at the local markets and in that way you will help craftsman increase their incomes.



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