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5 famous videos Guatemala appears on

5 famous videos Guatemala appears on

June 8, 2016
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Guatemala is a small country in Central America but with beautiful landscapes, as the years have passed many famous artists have visited this place and have fallen in love with the mountains, lakes and people. Maybe you have seen one of its mighty volcanoes but you didn’t know that they belonged to Guatemala.

We are also including products that are manufactured in this country and appear on mostly music videos. So with anything else to add, let’s see the 5 famous videos Guatemala appears on…


  •      On a faraway galaxy….

If you are a Star Wars fan and have seen the first trilogy of this amazing saga, you must know that the ancient Mayan palaces (Temple 1, 2, 3 and 4) appear on Star Wars Episode IV: A new hope (1977). During a brief clip when a guard is supervising the landing of the Millenary Falcon at Yavin Planet, the base of the rebels.  

Although it was a brief scene, the simple fact that Guatemala appears on one of the most famous movies of all times, makes it an amazing place.  


  •       We are beautiful now

The music video from this catchy electronic song from Zedd has a lot of scenes where Guatemala and its landscapes appear. The video narrates different stories: a girl who tries to commit suicide, two girls who are in love, an old man that hikes a volcano, the violence that young people live in rural areas and a robbery at a liquor store. It shows places like Atitlán Lake, Antigua Guatemala and Pacaya Volcano.


  •       Shaken not stirred

Tikal is a very beautiful place, so it is not weird that many audiovisual productions choose it as a set. During a short scene in James Bond: Moonraker (1979), Temple I from Tikal appears, when Bond (James Moore) is following a beautiful woman in the jungle, and suddenly she enters the pyramid where he finds more women in a paradisiac place.  

The plot of this movie takes Agent 007 in the search of a spaceship that was stolen by the evil Hugo Drax, during his journey he visit places like Venice, The Amazonas and off course the Central American jungle.


  •      Guatemalan beans

In this case, on a famous music video in 2014 appeared a famous brand of Guatemala beans and not a landscape. Heavy Entertainment Show (H.E.S), a song by Robbie Williams, during a scene from the video, Williams takes a random can from a store’s shelf and it is a can of Ducal beans and he makes a gesture of approval. Although the video was probably recorded on another country, the brand is sold around the world.


  •      Angriest Whopper

A mighty volcano where Lava Rivers flow, 4 adventurous travelers and 1 volcanologist, seeking for the real lava fire: is the plot of the latest Burger King’s TV commercial for their Angriest Whopper burger. The video has as a set Pacaya Volcano, one of the most active ones in Guatemala and it lets us see the inside crater of the colossus.


  • Special mentions

- The Story of God with Morgan Freeman: During this short documentary series from National Geographic Channel, the actor takes us to different countries, one of them is Guatemala and explains to us how different religions have a concept of God. Freeman visited Tikal and El Mirador, two of the most important Mayan Cities of the Classic Period. 


- Bizarre Foods: The food traveler Andrew Zimmern visited Guatemala; he eats traditional dishes like tamales or even the more exotic ones like bull’s testicles ceviche. He takes us through Guatemala City, Atitlán Lake and Antigua Guatemala.


Have you seen other videos where Guatemala appears on? Let us know and we invite you to visit this beautiful country.


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