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4 questions you must ask yourself if you want to start a solidarity trip

4 questions you must ask yourself if you want to start a solidarity trip

March 11, 2016
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Along the way, at some point of our lives, we’ve all wanted to be a part of something helpful like a communitarian help program, we’ve all wanted make a difference in our own country or abroad. Some people prefer to help in their own country while others, the most adventurous ones, decide to make a difference in other places.

Making the choice of starting a solidarity trip is not something simple. You must remember that you will be traveling to a place that has a culture different from yours, that the local people have different habits and that, possibly, you won’t be able to be as comfortable as you would be at home.

When you are deciding whether or not to take this option, it must be really clear for you that you are going to serve the inhabitants of a small community, and that your main goal will be to leave a print on these people’s lives. In order to help you decide, we will provide you with 4 questions you must ask yourself if you want to start a solidarity trip and, of course, their answers.

  1. Which qualities do I have and how can I take advantage of them to make a change?

A common mistake people make is thinking that they will be able to help in anything, which is not itself a bad thing, the mistake is not knowing specifically in which way you can help, or in which areas you are especially good. When you arrive to an agency, it is better if you know beforehand what are your skills, and how you want to help. This will make it possible for the organizers to assign a proper duty for you, in which you will be very efficient and happy.

  1. What do I want to get from this experience?

This kind of social activity aims to give or help, but it is important to have a clear idea of what is it that you want to get from the experience. It is possible that you want to learn more about specific culture, participate in activities that will help you with your professional experience, growing your humanitarian side or simply get to know new people. By having this aspect clear, you will have a motivation and it will give you the energy you need to do your best.

  1. What kind of people will I meet and what kind of circumstances will I face?

Remember, the people that live in these communities don’t have the same habits you do. Ask yourself if you are willing to interact with them, learn the basic words of the language they speak, or help them to improve their life quality despite the cultural distinctions you may find. A different country means different culture and different circumstances. You must be aware that you will have to eat new food or witness native activities, things that you are not familiar with. Which is why it is important that, before making a choice, you ask yourself if you are up for it.

  1. What sort of things you can commit with?

You must be honest and think about the simplest things such as how much time you have to make the trip. Also, you must analyze how much money you can invest in this kind of adventure (including some presents for the people you will be staying in, if you want) This is not compulsory, but it will help you to have a better control of your budget.

These were some of the most important questions every traveler must think about before starting a solidarity trip. By knowing what you want to get, and what you can give, you will be able to make a difference, and feel great.

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